How To Logout WhatsApp Web Account From iPhone Remotely

Largest Social media, WhatsApp now available on Web interface, So user can access own WhatsApp account on Windows PC/ Laptop or Mac OS X. WhatsApp web only login through your smart gadgets iPhone/ Android/ Windows Phone/ BlackBerry/ Nokia securely, For that you don’t need to login username or password, Just go to the WhatsApp Web with iPhone, and Scan code from your mobile’s camera. here I am talking about how to Logout WhatsApp Web Account remotely from iPhone/ iPad WhatsApp app.

Without Logout you can’t close your login session on web browser, But once you close browser you will sign out your account. Unfortunately, you forgot to close or sign out WhatsApp web from your friend’s PC/ Mac or cyber cafe. then follow the below steps for Logout WhatsApp web account remotely. (Close multiple login sessions also at once)

Steps for Sign Out/ Logout WhatsApp web account from iPhone or Android

Follow the clean instructions on how to log out WhatsApp web remotely from iPhone, iPad with iOS 7, 8 or iOS 9.

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp app. and Open in your iPhone.

Step 2: Next, Tap on Settings for All Whatsapp configurations.

Step 3: Now, Tap on WhatsApp Web for all settings related to Web interface.

Step 4: If any login setting active then you can see the list of all with System OS Version,

Finally tap on “Log Out from app computers“. Logout WhatsApp web account through iPhone, iPad

Now you are done.

See below guide and steps for all other mobile OS and App, That will also useful for Logout WhatsApp account remotely under WhatsApp web settings. WhatsApp Web Setting on All device

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  1. Does “logout from all computers” includes other devices like mobile phones and IPads? How am I going to be sure that no one opened my WhatsApp web from another mobile phone to spy on my WhatsApp? TIA


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