Can I Reset the whatsapp two-step verification forgot password without email? Get Here Answer

message Two-step verification has been removed from your WhatsApp Account

If you’ve 2-step verification enabled WhatsApp. And, you’re going to delete the Whatsapp app from your iPhone, in the future trying to install it back at that time Whatsapp will show up with a message that this account is protected by two-step verification. So enter your passcode to complete registration. If you forgot it, don’t worry.

You will get two options to recover using email (if and only if you enrolled your email address when you enabled 2-SV Whatsapp) and the second way is Contact Support. Possible both ways (Reset Forgot Whatsapp 2-Step Verification Passcode) are explained deeply below.

First, we see here,

Steps to Reset Forgot Whatsapp 2-Step Verification Passcode via Email

look this Process to disable Whatsapp 2-step verification remotely because there is not an official way to do that. But Passcode can remove.

  • Step 1. Tap on Forgot Passcode.
  • Step 2. Hit on Send Email.
Reset Forgot Whatsapp 2-Step Verification Passcode on iPhone via Email

Now you will have to open up your Whatsapp associated email and wait until you get a message that A reset email has been sent.

  • Step 3. Then click on a link to reset Whatsapp 2-Step Verification Passcode. And confirm to turn-off two-steps verification for your Whatsapp Account.

That’s it.

message Two-step verification has been removed from your WhatsApp Account

You will appear a message Two-step verification has been removed from your WhatsApp Account.

So, here your passcode completely removed and hope, you will be getting your Whatsapp account back without as like before. Then you can restore your Whatsapp Chat History.

The second way is – you also report by tapping on Contact Support. In this way, you will have to describe your problem, and optionally, you can also add screenshots.

tapping on Contact Support to send whatsaap feedback iPhone

Best Hint: To get rid of often forget the passcode, we recommended you should be noted your password as a secure note in your codeword term.

You may also like to fix the Whatsapp verification code not received.

Video to getting Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Do you have any error or issue to reset WhatsApp 2 step verification forgot password iPhone? Don’t hesitate; please share the error code or message screen in the comment box.

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  1. i don’t remember my passcode two step verification and also email what i has to do by clicking contact support biz they say to wait for 7 days ,,,i have to have my whatsapp chats that r very very very important for me,,,,can i have it after 7 days??????

    1. We can only Disable Two-Step from old iPhone WhatsApp settings.

      1. Re-insert SIM on Old iPhone.
      2. Go to:-Open WhatsApp on Old iPhone > Settings At bottom Tab > Account > Two-Step Verification > Disable.

      Hope this helps!

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