How to remove or delete Sticker Packs on Facebook iPhone

better way to remove sticker packs from facebook

How do I remove or delete sticker packs on Facebook iPhone, iPad app. Facebook is a big social media network over the world, that provide great and sleek features Such as, Play Game, you can use favorite apps, Create event and more in its Web apps, iOS ,Android other OS Face book app and FB messenger. Latest version of Facebook app is a 20.1 of iOS which is good compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8, iOS 7. There are vary kind of categories of beautiful Stickers and Emoji to send during the chat with your friends and many more. You can easily install Sticker Packs free from Stickers store of Facebook app. as well you can also uninstall, remove or delete Sticker Packs on Facebook iPhone app just a one Tap. How can you do it know more about that, read beneath given steps. 

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Steps for delete Sticker Packs on Facebook iPhone, iPad App

Step 1. Open a chat with a friend or group of friends

Step 2. Tap On Smiley Sticker

delete Sticker Packs on Facebook iPhonethen Tap On, Basket icon to open the Store

Tap on basket icon on FB store on iPhone

Step 3. Tap Your Stickers

Step 4.Tap On red button icon which is looks like given below symbol, Next to the sticker pack you want to delete or remove

Tap on red button to remove sticker packs in fb app of iPhone

Step 5. Tap Delete

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That’s it. If you follow above steps correctly, then you’ll get grip for Remove or delete Sticker Packs on Facebook iPhone and iPad app. I think you’d like more to Share your Express emotions through Stickers on Facebook. Share your replay in the comment which social app you like more apart from Facebook.

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  1. There is a sticker pack called meep. All the suggested ways to delete stickers does work except on meep sticker pack. I challenge you to download the meep sticker pack if you do not have it and then just try to delete it. I double dog dare you to delete it! You cannot! Oh and the other one you cannot delete is those huge obnoxious smiley faces. You can’t delete them either. If you manage to do it please email me or find me on facebook and tell me how. A whole lot of other people would like to know how to. There is something about those 2 sticker packs they don’t give you the option to delete them. They are on the list with the others which will let you delete them but the little circle with the line is not there to delete it. Go see!

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