How to reset forgot Mac Password

Special for Mac user when, you’re enter your Administrator password and if you get its wrong then naturally, you feel unhappiness right? But don’t worry. You can solve it by here given several methods. There are three kind of way to solve reset forgot Mac Password. First, Using Apple ID this is simple method Such as you use for iTunes and App store purchases, the second tricks is hack of sorts in this way you’ve not require either Mac OS X recover drive or CD, truly fact solution you’ll get by this trick I mean very effective trick. In the Third trick, you’ve must require either recovery mode partition or boot disk, Mac OS X DVD. From all this given way, it’s depending on which method will suit you to reset forget Mac Password. Okay let’s learn these three methods in deep step by step at beneath.

Ways to change password in Mac
Change Mac password with use of install disk

See, three methods to reset forgot Mac Password: Mac OS X Mavericks, Yosemite

1st way of reset forgot Mac Password: Using Apple ID

This is simple method but requirements of the method is user have must tied with the Apple ID as well internet connection to accesses Apple ID Account.

If you enter wrong password three times during the Mac login or boot screen at that time use the “Password Hint” and you’ll get message that saying to you “If you forgot your password you can reset it using your Apple ID”… and then click on (>) arrow icon and initiate your reset password using Apple ID

See beneath picture and enter in the required data, which you use to login for the iTunes, App Store and iCloud. And then Click on “Reset Password

In end of the way confirm the new password and use it for your next login. Definitely very simple method for that user, they have already created Apple ID. But for that user has no Apple ID that can use second way to reset forgot Mac Password.

Change admin password using apple ID
Change admin password using apple ID

2nd Way of reset forgotten Mac Password: without CD or without Boot Drive

You can learn this method from Reset forgotten Mac password without disk or Boot Drive.

3rd way Reset Mac password: with use of installer disk, Recovery mode partition or boot drive.

If you’ve recovery Mode partition, installer disk or boot drive, please following method is according to our OS but I suggest to you can do it, as per your Mac OS Version.

Using Recovery mode for OS X Mavericks (10.9), Mountain Lion (10.8) and Lion (10.7): Steps for reset forgot Mac Password

  • Open Mac OS X Boot loader menu from the System Start, hold down the OPTION key
  • Choose recovery mode drive
  • Next wait until you can see the ‘’Utilities’’ screen
  • Now from the ‘‘Utilities’’ menu click on ‘’Terminal’’ menu
  • In command line without quotes type reset password
  • In last Confirm new account password and then reboot you Mac as usual

    reset password using utilities
    reset password using utilities

Using Bootable Disk: To reset forgot Mac Password

  • Insert bootable disk in to the CD writer and restart or start your Mac
  • Boot disk by holding down the ‘’C’’ key from your start system
  • Select first Language preferences and then go under the Utilities menu
  • And click on ‘’Password Reset’’ or Reset Password it’s depends on your Mac OS
  • Now select forgotten Password hard disk is on, in last select those user name it’s password you forgot, and then it asked you Select a new password.
  • In last reboot as usual from the hard drive and using the newly Password as the new login.

That’s it. Share your replay by text in comment box, and tell us how to helpful these tips on to reset forgot Mac Password. Dear readers keep in touch with us to know more Hoe to tips concern to iPhone, Mac and Apple’s Product. Like it? Share.