How to Enable or Use Hot Corners on Mac & Screen Saver: macOS Ventura/Monterey and Earlier

Learn from this tutorial how to Create, set up,/active hot corners on Mac, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac. Hot corners are a kind of little portion when you hold your cursor on that part at the time you’ll appear Screen saver of your MacBook Air, Pro, or iMac. Here I’m giving you a tutorial on how to (setup) active hot coroners on Mac that running the latest version of macOS. I’ve been a cool experience with this amazing feature of Apple’s macOS. If you’re ready to do it, you should follow the given customize or active hot corners on Mac.

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Recipe for Set up/ Active Hot Corners on macOS [Any MacOS]

Enable Hot Corners on macOS Ventura

Step 1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top mac menu > System Settings.


Step 2. Now Click on Desktop & Dock > See Hot Corners Option on the last of the screen. and Click on it.


Step 3. Select the app & Function to set on the Hot Corner of your Mac screen. Here’s i apply for the Quick Note app. To Turn off Hot Corners on your Mac, de-select the time and select [-] in the Dropdown menu. Click on done to apply the changes.

Turn off Hot Corners In macOS Monterey & Earlier 

Step 1. Click on the Apple logo, from the top menu bar

Step 2. Choose, System Preferences


Step 3. Select Desktop & Screen Saver preference, then Screen Saver

active hot corners on Mac OS X Yosemite how to

Step 4. Click on hot Corners

Where is Hot Corners on Desktop and Screen Saver
Where is Hot Corners on Desktop and Screen Saver

Step 5. Click the Pop- up menu for the corners you want to use & Choose Start Screen saver

Select Action for Hot Corners on Mac
Select Action for Hot Corners on Mac

Step 6. Last, Click OK.

That’s it. You can see a little hot corner on your Mac Desktop Screen. Let’s take your cursor using a trackpad or Mouse on those corners and tell us in the comment what you have seen after hold on to those corners. I hope you would like it most because it allows you to start screen saver manually or go for Desktop. Almost hot corners feature to use for that time when users stand up from their desktop for merely time.

Tips: Quickly Open Quick Notes on Mac Using Hot corners.

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Tell us, dear guys, how you seem this post for, set up, or active hot corners on Mac.

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