How to Split Screen on Mac (macOS Ventura Updated)

New and Very useful feature of macOS is split view, using these features you can do your work on different applications or documents side by side on the same screen easily. Split view automatically arranges your own space equally when you put running program or apps in split view mode. Now Mac can show Top Menu Bar Full-screen windows or Split Window to quickly access app options.

You can also do your job by drag and drop from one app to another one. if you don’t want split-view features, you can remove/ Disable split view on your Apple Mac. in this tutorial. First I show how to use a split view on an Apple computer, if you don’t like then you can disable or re-enable again in the future for use on the same device.

Split view Compatible device: the Split view is available on all the devices, Running on the latest macOS. (M1 Mac mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac).

You can put your apps in split view, mostly users use Browser (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla), Documents, image editing Apps, Developers tools, and more.

Keep your apps up to date with the latest update, Because new apps update will improve and compatible with a Split view.

How to Split Screen on Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini

  • Go to the top right corner of the program, and Click(hold/ Pressed) on minimizing green icon. Until you will see the
  • Leave windows in the region by drag into.
  • from the other one view, you can set any of another. Select One Program in another split window.choose-second-app-in-split-view-on-mac
  • Now you can easily view apps/ Programs side by side on a single screen.
  • Also, we can Resize, Split the window using Slider.resize-split-window-on-mac

Replace or Change Program in Split Window

To change Program in split windows, Click and Hold on the Green icon from App minimize bar, and see the option for Replace Tiled Window.


Select another program for Tilled window and use side by app on Mac.


We can Preview all the Window on Mac using App Switcher Key from Keyboard.

💡 Mac Split screen Without Fullscreen

Should I use a Split-screen With a top Menu Bar, By Default Top Menu Bar hide on full screen and split-screen mode on Mac? Here are the settings for unhiding or Show Top Menu Bar in macOS Monterey or later macOS.

  • Apple logo > System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Dock and Menu Bar from sidebar > Uncheck “Automatically hide and show the menu bar in full screen”.
  • See Below screen with a Split screen with the top menu bar.resize-split-window-on-mac
  • That’s it.

Cons: in Split screen we can show Top Menu Bar only in Split screen but not Dock.

Tip 2: If you need Top menu Bar and Dock on Mac Desktop in Split-screen then, Resize the app window screen using the mouse pointer, Put both the windows in side by side, start working on side by side window without split-view option.

Open Split View on the Mac in With shortcuts?

Now, Dreams come true with the Apple Shortcuts app on your Mac. So, MacOS Monterey or later macOS users can create Split Screen Shortcuts for Split apps in a Screen in the Shortcuts app. here’s how to create a Shortcuts on Mac Shortcuts app.

  1. Open Shortcuts app on Mac > Click on Plus sign to add a new shortcut.
  2. Search Split in the right search box in Search for apps and actions > Double click on “Split-Screen Apps”.
  3. Now, Script added in Shortcut, Select Two app from a drop-down menu or select Ask Each Time.find-and-add-apps-for-split-screen-shortcut-on-mac
  4. Given a New name to easily identify or also add This shortcut in the top Menu Bar.
  5. To run Click on Shortcut Name from the top Menu Bar. Two Apps will arrange in split view without a full screen.add-split-screen-shortcut-in-top-mac-menu-bar
  6. That’s it.

How To Turn Off Split Screen on Mac

as we know, we can change or Replace Window in Split Screen but we can’t Turn off split screen automatically on Mac.

  1. To Exit Split-screen and move both the Applications on Desktop, Click on the Close Red button and your Split App move to Desktop.
  2. and Another Split App becomes full screen, Press ESC Key from Keyboard to move another full-screen app into the desktop.

That’s the Easy method to turn off split screen view on Mac and Exit both the applications from split screen window.

Video Tutorial on How to Use Split Screen in MacBook, Mac

How to Disable Split View on Your Mac

  • From the settings, you can remove the split view feature from Mac
  • Go to the System Preference under the Apple menu.
  • Now, Choose mission control.
  • Uncheck Displays have a separate space option. To disable Split view on Mac.
    • For MacOS Ventura & Laterdisplays-have-separate-spaces-for-split-screen-on-mac
    • For MacOS Monterey & Earlier
use split view in OS X EI Capitan on Mac, MacBook

To apply changes, you must log out of your system.

Pro Tips: Show Top Menu Bar in Full-screen window

Have you any confusion or problem, Want more help on using a split view in MacOS 12 Monterey, or Split view not working on Mac, Kindly share with us on below comment box.

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