How to Stop or Quit Unresponsive App Forcefully through Force Quit on Mac, MacBook Pro/Air

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2020

Learn here, how to Kill, Stop or Quit Unresponsive app forcefully using Force Quit on Mac. Force quit is a feature available in All MacOS Version. It makes an application to close during the time when it’s not responsive.  Ever been you seen that unresponsive pop up alert on your web browser Safari.  So at that moment for a sec you may be lookout. At that time you can use force quit features. But, keep remember that normally you should not need to force quit an app to close it because you may lost your unsaved data from your Mac.

Note – Therefore I would like to recommend that for your convenience, use normally method first to close the app which is given below:

1st way – You can use Quit from the app Menu. As an example, in the Safari

  • Choose Safari >> Quit Safari.

2nd way – You can prefer Quit application by right – clicking or Control Clicking on an app’s icon in the Dock.

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Alternate Ways to Stop or Quit Unresponsive app Forcefully on Mac

If you seem that ineffective by using above listed two way of stop Unresponsive app forcefully, then and then you might use beneath given multiple way of Quit Unresponsive app forcefully using Force Quit.

  1. Use shortcut, Press Command –Option- Esc, then select the unresponsive app from the Force Quit window that appears, and click Force Quit.Quit Unresponsive app Forcefully through Force Quit on Mac OS X Yosemite
  1. Switch to another application, in this way you can use Finder app, then Choose Force Quit from the Apple menu. Select the unresponsive app in the Force Quit window, and in last Click Force Quit.
  1. You can use Activity Monitor for quickly stop the Unresponsive application. Open it from the Utilities folder or the Spotlight menu, Select the Unresponsive app in the Activity Monitor window or pane. Choose Quit Process from the View menu. Or Click the Force Quit button in the toolbar of the Activity Monitor window.
  1. Hold down the two key Option and Control key on your keyboard, and then click on the icon of the unresponsive app in the Dock. Choose Force Quit from the menu that appears.
  1. In the last way of Quit Unresponsive app Forcefully, if you cannot Switch or exchange from the Unresponsive app, then press Command OptionShift Esc for Three Second to Force it to Quit. These control key combination’s called Force Quit in OS X the frontmost app.alternate way for force quit unresponsive app on Mac OS X

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