How to Track and Find Lost AirPods Pro, 3rd Gen, 2? [6 Easy Solutions] Using iPhone / Android

Last Updated on Oct 19, 2021

Losing AirPods Pro could nearly give a heart attack to a person. We would pray that this will never happen in the future with anybody. But, if it does, then try this easy guide to find lost AirPods Pro, AirPod 2, or AirPods in Alternate Ways. In this article, we have covered some of the best ways to track lost AirPods Pro within a moment. Apple provides a great app called Find My to locate Apple devices, including AirPods Pro. However, to find the lost AirPods, you would need to set up Find My on iPhone because once the Find My on iPhone is enabled and set up correctly, it could find the Apple devices on the same iCloud account. If Not Setup Find My Yet, Follow me in this tutorial to find Lost Left AirPod, Lost Right AirPod, or Find Lost AirPods Charging Case.

If AirPods Pro is out of the charging case or lost the AirPods Pro, the Find My app will show you when they were last connected or show the location and time of the AirPods.

Use The Best ways to Track Lost AirPods Pro On iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android Mobile

Method 1: Use Find My AirPods Pro from iPhone

This is the fundamental and quick method that will help you track lost AirPods Pro. Using the Find My app, you can locate your Apple devices, including AirPods Pro. But some of the AirPods Pro Users found that AirPods are not showing on Find My iPhone/ iPad App. Becuase Find my iPhone is Disabled so You can’t turn it on for AirPods automatically as well. Know how to fix AirPods Disappeared from Find My iPhone app or Not Showing.  Here’s how to track lost AirPods Pro using the Find My app.

  1. Launch Find My app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on your AirPods Pro.
  3. Find My app will show you the current location of AirPods Pro.
  4. Tap on Play Sound, the AirPods Pro will make a sound. if your AirPods’ Play Sound in Pending then try to move around you to reach in the AirPods Bluetooth coverage. This time Your iPhone is trying to connect your AirPods First and then play sound, Otherwise, it Sound goes pending for the future time. After that, you will show notification about “Your AirPods is found” on iPhone anytime when your iPhone found AirPods near to you.
Pending Sound for AirPods on Find My iPhone app
Pending Sound for AirPods on Find My iPhone app
  • Now, Select the Left or Right AirPod which one you lost or missing. Carefully, listen to the sound on AirPods Pro.
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  • Find Left or Right AirPods Pro that has been Missing
    Find Left or Right AirPods Pro that has been Missing

    When you play sound on AirPods Pro, you will get two options: to play sound on Left AirPods, tap Left, and play right AirPods, tap Right.

    Method 2: Use Find your AirPods Pro using Mac/PC from iCloud

    Likewise, there is another option to track lost AirPods, using the web interface if you prefer Mac or don’t have an iPhone nearby. All it requires is to log in with your iCloud credentials and follow a few steps to find the AirPods.

    1. Go to and sign in with the same iCloud ID that is used with iPhone to track lost AirPods Pro.
    2. Click on Find iPhone.
    3. On the top of the screen, click on All Devices.
    4. Now, select AirPods Pro that you want to find.
    5. This will show the current location of AirPods Pro on the Map.
    6. Can’t track the AirPods on the maps? Then, click on Play Sound.
    Find AirPod Location on Mac or PC Browser
    Find AirPod Location on Mac or PC Browser
  • To mute sound on either AirPods Pro, go for Mute Left or Mute Right option. And to stop the sound, click on Stop Playing.
  • Method 3: Use Third-party application to locate lost AirPods Pro: iPhone, Android

    Find my Alternatives for AirPods Pro 2 and 1 after lost
    Find my Alternatives for AirPods Pro 2 and 1 after loss.

    Find Lost AirPods without Find My. Despite the default application, we do have a third-party application that doesn’t need any iCloud login nor Find My app. Install the Wunderfind app on iPhone, and with its advanced capabilities, the app will find your lost AirPods Pro within a moment. This app can also be used on an Android smartphone to find the AirPods.

    1. Open the App Store and search for Wunderfind: Find the Lost Device app and Android.
    2. Launch the Wunderfind app and give required permissions to the app like Bluetooth.
    3. The app will show nearby Bluetooth devices, when AirPods Pro appears, tap on it.
    4. Moving the phone will increase the signal strength and helps you locate the AirPods quickly. The app will indicate in percentage when you are nearby them.
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    Method 4: Use Painful Sound to Determine AirPods Pro Location

    Find lost Airpods Easily in alternate ways. You may find this trick funny, but believe me, it is worth trying. All you have to do is, play the video that is mentioned. The video contains the high pitch sound, so when you play the video from iPhone connected to AirPods Pro, the high pitch sound will play out loud. Of course, this trick will only work if the AirPods Pro is paired with the iPhone.

    Here’s how it can be done,

    1. Open the YouTube Video link to play painful sound on AirPods Pro.
    2. On the top of the screen, tap on the Mirror option.
    3. Select Bluetooth and other devices.
    Find Lost AirPods, Pro using Custom Sound
    Find Lost AirPods, Pro using Custom Sound
  • Now, tap on the AirPods Pro to pair and play painful sound on AirPods Pro.
  • Now make sure the volume of YouTube video is maximum, and test your hearing capability while tracking AirPods Pro with this sound.
  • Method 5: Use Tile app: Lost Device Finder (Third-Party app)

    This is another app available to find lost keys and phones. Download the Tile app on your iPhone and find the lost Apple devices like iPhone, AirPods, AirPods Pro, etc., real quick.

    Method 6: Contact Apple Support, Buy Missing Part of AirPods Pro

    AirPods pro replacement price
    AirPods pro replacement price

    Yes, Separately, we can buy lost AirPod or Charging case from Apple Store. Find the Apple Store and Get more help online from this link. Apple Declared fixed price for Left and Right AirPod, Charging case for the Apple Care Plus and None Apple Cate plus users. See the below table to find the quotation of your purchase before going to purchase a new one. This price may be different at different locations in the whole country. So I recommend talking with apple support from the given link.

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