Fix Find My AirPods not working iPhone, iPad [How to]

Fix Find My AirPods not working iPhone, iPad

Find My Airpods locates misplaced Airpods on iPhone, iPad. The great tool of of it wireless earbuds hosted in iOS 10.3. For that AirPods user who is facing problem over Find My AirPods not working, we offer potential troubleshooting, hope, will be work in your case.

You guys, please notice that the Find My AirPods is not sophisticated as we use Find My iPhone. Because, for Airpods, there isn’t required Apple ID and passcode to Pair, or even security like Activation Lock. Therefore, in terms, Find My AirPods does work only when Airpods paired with the iOS device via Bluetooth. Also, Airpods must be out of their case and near one of your Apple iOS device. As the best use, you should keep your Airpods battery level up.

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If your AirPods so far away, then you will not be able to easy to navigate Misplaced/ Lost Airpods. By the way, you can see the approximate last location of your Apple wireless earbuds. To find, where to locate your Airpods? There are two ways one is (useful when iOS device not paired with the AirPods) and second is Find my iPhone app on iPhone and iPad.

Try this way Find My AirPods not working

Fix Find My AirPods not working iPhone, iPad

How to Get AirPods last location without iPhone

Step 1. Go to to locate your AirPods.

Step 2. Enter your correct login details and tap on Find iPhone App.

Step 3. Click on Select device and select your AirPods.

Now tap on Actions and click on play sound.

You’re done!

Your AirPods locate on the map, and you’ll see the option to play a sound from the AirPods.

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