Best EQ Settings for AirPods Spotify on iPhone, iPad: Better Sound [AirPods Pro]

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

So, how do get the best equalizer settings for Spotify, while using AirPods, confused? That’s ok, in this tutorial we will show you several options to set the best EQ settings on iPhone for AirPods. Not always, the default settings are best, even if it is recommended by Apple, everyone has their own opinion and choices. Some users like to have heavy bass, while some prefer Acoustic. Thanks to Apple’s AirPods & AirPods Pro, which mix up with any of the selected EQ settings on the iPhone and provides astonishing music in all environments.

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On your iPhone, when you customize or change the EQ settings, it is limited to the Music app only, not the third party music applications. However, we have covered the best EQ Settings for your AirPods on the Spotify music app, as it is used by most of the users across the world.

How to Get Best EQ Settings for your AirPods on Spotify app?

Apple or Spotify can’t ask everyone which EQ settings would you like to have on AirPods, therefore there is no perfect definition for best EQ settings for your AirPods on Spotify app. Everybody’s affinity varies from person to person, that’s the only reason, you have to find the best equalizer on the Spotify app on the iPhone.

  1. Navigate to the Spotify app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Settings (Gear icon), on the top of the screen.
  3. Go to the Playback.

    EQ Settings on Spotify AirPod

    EQ Settings on Spotify AirPod

  4. Locate and tap Equalizer.

    Change Equalizer Sound on Spotify iPhone app

    Change Equalizer Sound on Spotify iPhone app

You will find a long list of options, like:

  • Vocal Booster
  • Bass Booster
  • Dance
  • Deep
  • Hip-Hop
  • Piano
  • Small Speakers
  • Spoken Word
  • Rock

Though these are predefined settings arranged by Apple, if you don’t like the default EQ settings of Spotify on AirPods, then grab the white dot and move up/down as per your choice. This isn’t a quick process, it takes a few trials to get the best equalizer settings on AirPods. You might need to move yourself to a quiet place for better listening.

10 Tricks to Boost Your Spotify Sound From AirPods Pro

Video Time Frame: 

  • 00:15 | Remove Volume Limit
  • 01:01 | Headphone Accommodations
  • 01:30 | Change and Set AirPods Pro EQ for Spotify
  • 02:13 | Set High-Quality Sound In Spotify App
  • 02:41 | Turn off Data Saver on Spotify Music app
  • 02:57 | One of my AirPods is Low or No Sound
  • 03:26 | Clear Spotify App Cache
  • 03:54 | Reset All Settings on iPhone
  • 04:13 | Reset AirPods Pro
  • 04:42 | Update iOS and AirPods Firmware

Best iPhone EQ Settings for AirPods – Apple Music Music App

The above EQ customizations were related to the Spotify app, whereas, this is a tip that will help you to change the EQ settings for AirPods on iPhone for a Music app. Compare to Spotify app’s EQ settings, Apple has given quite more pre-default options to choose from,

  • Acoustic
  • Bass Booster
  • Bass Reducer
  • Deep
  • Hip Hop
  • Late Night
  • Piano
  • Loudness
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Flat etc.
  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Music.
  3. Go for EQ.

    Change EQ for music on iPhone

    Change EQ for music on iPhone

  4. Choose the equalizer from the list of 23 options.

Looking for the most competent EQ Settings for AirPods on iPhone? Personally, I’d recommend you to go for Late Night EQ. That one will definitely deliver the desired sound on AirPods.

If AirPods Pro Sound Quality is Low! Get best iPhone Eq Setting for Airpods pro

Check the Video Below for Increase Sound on AirPods


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