Can I change Mile to Kilometer Distance in Tinder App in iOS and Android?

To know the distance in our favorable distance unit is everyone’s wish. Because, you were living in a region where Kilometers is mostly preferred, but then apps like Tinder shows the distance in Miles, it’s very difficult to adjust in such a situation. While using the best dating app like Tinder, anyone’s eye will directly point to distance, to find whether your date is nearby or you have to travel to another region. However, the algorithm of the Tinder app works to get you the best date near your area, therefore, it lets you swipe the users with a limit of 100 miles.

Since you are looking to change Miles to Kilometer Distance in Tinder app on iPhone or Android, the answer is it is not possible to change the distance unit in the Tinder app on iPhone or Android. The Tinder app shows distance unit depends on the region, so if in your region Miles distance unit is used then the Tinder app will show distance in Miles. Whereas, in the countries where KM is used to measure the distance the app will show in KM only. You cannot change from Mile to Kilometer or vice versa in the Tinder app, neither an iPhone nor an Android app.

how do I change km to miles on tinder on iPhone or Android App?

Luckily, the Tinder app lets you change the current location, but you need to get Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, then you are allowed to explore the world on the Tinder app.

What does maximum distance on tinder mean?

The maximum distance on Tinder means, if you’ve set the distance to say 100miles, then Tinder will show your interests within the limit of 100 miles radius. No need to say, but many Tinder users did receive the profile out of the limit, like if the distance is set to 50miles, then Tinder shows the profiles of 60miles, 70miles or more. There is nothing to worry about, ignore this part of Tinder.

 How to adjust search distance on Tinder?

The increasing interest in the Tinder app among youngsters and other age people makes the developer admirer add amazing features. Changing Distance on the Tinder app on the iPhone is one of the best features of it. When you set the search distance on the Tinder app, it’ll show you the people within the radius you have set.

  1. Launch the Tinder app on iPhone/Android.
  2. Tap on the Account icon on the top-left corner.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Drag the slider of Maximum distance to adjust search distance on Tinder.
  5. In the end, Tap Done to save the changes -Done button located upper-right side corner.

How to Hide your distance on Tinder?

Tinder does not allow you to hide your location on the app, because this app completely relies on the location to provide potential results. On launching the app, it starts using the location, and if you have disabled the GPS then it may gather the cellular or Wi-Fi. Apparently, you can fool others, by changing the location though, you need to go for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold plan. But unfortunately, there is no way to hide distance on Tinder.

How far should I set my tinder distance?

Actually, it depends on the area where you live, the urban areas have more population than rural areas. So by narrowing distance in urban areas, would not affect the experience of a dating app, while if you narrow the distance in rural areas, it could really result in fewer matches. Another scenario is what should be the distance of the Tinder app while traveling? The best choice is to set the distance 10miles, because when you are out of town or for business work, probably you don’t have any personal transportation therefore narrow distance is preferred.

Can you fake your location on tinder?

Officially there is no way to fake your location on Tinder. Fortunately, there are few apps available that allow you spoof location on the Tinder app. Once you download the Fake GPS, it will spoof the location of the device and so the location on the Tinder app if you are Android user.

For iPhone users, it is quite difficult to fake locations on the Tinder app. That’s why many users use these alternative dating apps to tinder.

How do I turn off my distance on tinder?

No, there is no method to turn off your distance on the Tinder app. Tinder app finds you the best matches using the location of your device. So, it is not that easy to turn off distance on the Tinder app from the settings of the app. Undoubtedly you can change the location of the Tinder app, for that, it is necessary to go for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription.

if you are tinder’s premium member and planning to cancel tinder gold subscription then click on the link to get a complete guide.

How can I change my location on tinder?

There’s only one way to change location on the Tinder app, the premium versions of the Tinder app. So when you buy the Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you have the ability to change the location right from the settings app. Other than that, there is no option left to change location on the Tinder app.

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