How to Back Up Contacts to iPhone SIM

Learn how to save contacts to sim iPhone with an example. Transfer SIM Contacts to iPhone and Save Contacts to Gmail from this tutorial

Learn Various ways to export contacts from iPhone. According to my opinion saving contacts in the SIM card is the smarter option. So whenever you buy a new iPhone or replace your old one with another device simply you can import contacts to the new iPhone from SIM. Do you know the procedure of how to transfer SIM contacts to the iPhone? Don’t worry today in this post I’ll show you the quickest way to transfer SIM card contacts to iPhone. Without any Third-Party Software, we can Transfer Contacts from Any iPhone model or SIM to Other Mobile platforms.

All the information that you have saved while creating the contact will be transfer along with the contact. Apple says that “iPhone doesn’t store the contacts on SIM card. If you want to transfer contacts between iPhones, you can use iCloud backup or transfer content between devices”.

If you are switching from any other phone to the iPhone then make sure the SIM card fits into the iPhone. Before inserting old SIM to the iPhone, remove the new SIM and then carefully insert and import the contacts from SIM to iPhone. Head over to complete the import process in the right way.

Steps to Saving contacts from iPhone to sim

  1. Insert the SIM card in your iPhone to import the contacts. Now follow the steps,
  2. Go to the “Settings” app on the iPhone.
  3. Locate and tap “Contacts”.
Open the settings tap contacts on iphone
  1. Then, tap “Import SIM Contacts”.
  2. Let the process get completed. Select iCloud.
  3. Now, go to the “Contacts” app and check if the contacts are imported successfully.
Click import SIM contacts select iCloud tap importing SIM contacts on iPhone

As you have imported the contacts from SIM card to iPhone, if you not found the imported contacts in iPhone then restart the iPhone and check if contacts are visible on the iPhone.

Save All Contacts to Gmail

Method- 1

Find Import SIM Contacts option under the settings, Select your Gmail account if you set up a Gmail account on your iPhone.

Method- 2

Your iPhone will take contacts back up in iCloud automatically if Contacts Backup is enabled from the settings app.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on your Profile name
Open the settings app tap on your name on iphone
  1. Tap iCloud
  2. Turn the toggle right side next to the Contacts option.
Click tap on show all toggle ON contacts on iphone

That’s it.

Now, Export from iCloud and import all contacts to Gmail

Now you can access all the contacts on the Web using

Log in with your Apple ID and password that you used on the iPhone. Export contacts at first and Restore in Gmail, please watch below video tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learn alternate ways how to copy contacts from iPhone to sim ans transfer SIM Contacts to Gmail, First copy to iPhone, and Move all from iPhone to Gmail using iCloud.

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