How to Turn Off Instagram Camera Sound on iPhone 15, 14 (Pro Max)

Discover an easy way to turn off your iPhone's camera sound for instagram, without violating any country-specific privacy rules.

We need to care about the environment and follow the rules in silent places. That is why we must turn off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhones. Due to privacy restrictions, some countries and cities don’t allow smartphone companies to mute or turn off the camera-click sound while capturing photos from the official app. Lots of guys ask us how to turn off the camera sound on an iPhone without muting. You guys this is not possible to stop the iPhone camera shutter sound without turning the physical sound switch off.

Japan’s iPhone users can’t turn off camera shutter sound. So they are looking for a Silent Camera App for the Japanese iPhone. We are not against country-specific rules, but the rules should be obeyed as, in my opinion, that’s good for all.

2 Methods of Quiet or Turning off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

Some iPhone users are also finding the solutions and Want to Get sound on camera iPhone so other people can justify and be ready for the second pose. Use two settings, which are given below, to Fix your Camera sound problem all the time.

For iPhone 15 pro users Using the action button

The iPhone 15 Pro series boasts an innovative Action button instead of the typical silent switch. Rest assured, users can seamlessly transition between silent and ring mode by pressing and holding down the Action button until they feel the haptic feedback. This feature ensures a seamless and stress-free mode transition, making it a convenient and reliable option for users.

To change the action button mode- Go to Settings > Tap the Action button > Now swipe left or right side to find Silent Mode. So this will set your phone action button as a silent switch like a traditional silent switch, but remember that you have to press and hold on the action button until you feel haptic feedback. Or Launch the Control center (Swipe down from top right corner > Tap on Bell icon to mute and Unmute. Mute it.)

Mute or Silent iPhone from control center

Method 1: Using Side Silent Switch on iPhone

Turning on the Side Silent or Mute button, Keep the position off this switch at the orange mark is visible it means the Camera sound is muted. This Switch auto-disables all iPhone sounds like Notification Sound, Ringtone, or Alert/Reminders Tone. So be aware of that and Re-Enable after putting it off. Because you might miss an important notification and Call while you are traveling. Otherwise, I recommend you enable Vibrate on silent settings.

How to silent mode on iPhone

Turn off Vibration Even with a Camera Shutter click…Follow the below steps

Step 1: Launch the Settings App on your iPhone.
Step 2: Tap on Accessibility > Touch > Vibration. (Disable the toggle to turn off Vibration on iPhone completely).

Open Settings Tap Accessibility On iPhone

Step 3: Under the Physical And Motor Touch.
Step 4: Tap Vibration. (Disable the toggle to turn off Vibration on iPhone completely).

Click Touch Turn Off Vibration On iPhone

Now we can enjoy our time in silent mode as well.

If the Mute/Unmute button is upward to the screen position, it means, the Camera Shutter sound is enabled.

Method 2: Turn on/Turn off Camera Click sound using Assistive Touch

Use the Virtual Button of the iOS device (Assistive Touch) if your side button (Mute/Unmute button is broken or not working).

Enable Assistive Touch on your iPhone, If enabled then you can add the Volume Button and Mute button using Customize Assistive Touch Settings on your iOS device.

Step 1: Tap on the Assistive Touch button from the home screen or lock screen of iDevice.
Step 2: Next, Tap the Device option.
Step 3: Then, Tap on the Mute/Unmute Bell icon. Turn toggle off Camera Shutter Sound, Keep it like this.

Unmute Camera Using Assistive Touch On iPhone

That’s it.

Above Settings and Workaround Won’t turn off Camera Shutter sound, Follow the Troubleshooting

1: Check your Country is Black Listed in the list of Apple’s support page: Camera Shutter sound is off by default from Apple.

2: No. There is no “solution” it is against the law in Japan to silence the shutter sound on digital cameras and other electronic devices that can take photos.

3: Check for Update iOS to the latest version

  1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone
  2. Tap General
  3. Click on Software Update [your phone must be connected to internet wi-fi or cellular data on]
head to setting app and tap general choose software update on your iphone

Tap Download and install Update. (Currently, the latest free iOS firmware is iOS 15 or later)

4: Hard Reboot iPhone and Try Again.

That’s it.

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