How to upload selected photos in dropbox manually in iPhone, iPad

Select picture as an single or multiple photos

Dropbox Automatically uploads all the photos to online cloud storage automatically, but here is the tips for sync only selected photos or Upload selected photos in dropbox. That’s you want to share with someone or wants to access on Mac/ PC. Normally apart from dropbox, user has an option for share media files (Photos and Videos) through iCloud. But iCloud doesn’t have option for upload or sync selected photos only on iCloud website (

Compatible device: This tips works for all iOS devices, that’s supporting Dropbox app version. (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/ 5, iPhone 4S/4, iPad and iPod touch)

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Steps for upload selected photos in dropbox from iPhone, iPad: Manually

Step 1: Go to the Dropbox app, and Open on your iOS device.

Note: you must need dropbox account, if you haven’t first register yourself and get free 2GB free cloud storage. And must enable Dropbox for photos app, Go to the Setting > Privacy > Photos > Enable Dropbox.

Step 2: Now you have to create new folder, by tap on dot icon, Next tap on New Folder option from menu.Upload selected photos in dropbox from iPhone and iPad

Step 3: Type name of folder and tap on Create.Give name of folder name and save

Step 4: Inside folder, you can see again dot icon at top right sight of screen. And Tap on Upload File.4 upload photo by upload file option

Step 5: Now, You have to select from where you want upload files (Pictures, Video and Document).Choose picture from photos app

Here, I am discussing about Upload selected photos in dropbox from iPhone, iPad.

For multiple photos you can tap more photos at once.

Step 6: Next, Tap on Upload.Select picture as an single or multiple photos

Now, you can access your Dropbox account on any mobile, Tablet and desktop and Mac platform. Want more tips and solution about dropbox like Upload selected photos in dropbox from iOS device, Please put your comment on comment box.

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