How to Use or Setup Apple Watch with Multiple iPhones

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Get perfect Answer here on, How to Setup Apple Watch with Multiple iPhones. May be if, you’ve more than one Apple iPhone and single Apple Watch. You would like to use/set up your Apple Watch with multiple iPhones. It’s a general question for all right. Generally, there is no feature available to sync, use, or set up Apple Watch with multiple iPhones. However, if you want to do it, then you should need Un-pair your Apple Watch and again pair Apple Watch with another Apple iPhone.

Many users would like to ask, they have two iPhones and want to access their Activity and workout app with both iPhone simultaneously so, yet it’s not possible. You must need first un-pair your Apple Watch from a Paired iPhone and then again Pair with another iPhone.

I would recommend tips below – setup for Unpair Apple Watch and iPhone and how to pair again.

Note – if you Unpair Apple Watch, then the device will create a backup. But, it will erase all content and Settings on Apple Watch. You’ll get likely factory settings Apple Watch.

Steps to use or Setup Apple Watch with Multiple iPhones – Sport, Edition Watch

Learn here, how to Unpair Apple Watch from Paired Apple iPhone. In the future, there are some cases that will occur during that period you might need to unpair your Apple Watch & iPhone.

  • Step 1. Keep your iPhone and Apple Watch close together.
  • Step 2. Then, Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Step 3. Tap My Watch, then Apple Watch
  • Step 4. In last, tap Unpair Apple Watch. You’ll see a pop-up to make confirm unpair Apple Watch, Tap again to confirm.How to use or Setup Apple Watch with Multiple iPhones
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Your iPhone will take a backup, so you can use the backup to restore a new Apple Watch. If, you’ve no iPhone and you want to erase all content and settings on Apple Watch, then use this tip – how to reset or erase Apple Watch without iPhone.

  • Step 5. After the Unpair, you’ll see the Start Pairing message. Since you can use these steps to set up Apple Watch Pair again.

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Keep feeling free to ask us if any query. Write your feedback in our comment box on how seems this tip on how to use or Setup Apple Watch with Multiple iPhones.

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