Hard Reset or Erase Apple Watch Without iPhone: Here’s How to Guide

Last Updated on Oct 4, 2019

Can I unpair Apple watch without a phone? Yes, Using this How-to tutorial, you can learn a proper way to factory reset Apple Watch without iPhone. Damn, Passcode makes your Apple Watch most secure. And yeah it’s essential; we all know that in them there is much important data you stores such as Apple Pay Credit or Debit card credentials which you frequently use to make a mobile payment at the retail store plus Shopping Mall etc.

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Happens if you enter the wrong passcode six times in a row; then your Apple Watch will be locked out. Since you will also see a message that says to ‘’try again in a few minutes’’. You’ve two options to erase all data on Apple Watch and Reset Your Apple Watch Passcode. Using Apple Watch and paired Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, recently you haven’t an iPhone, right? Don’t worry, in an ideal way – you need to follow given instructions to turn off Apple Watch or Erase Apple Watch without iPhone. The best trick for all Apple Watch models like Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 3, Nike, Hermes and running WatchOS 6 and earlier all Apple Watch.

These tips help to get rid of Apple Watch Won’t pair or Disconnecting with the iPhone. And make a Further connection with pair Apple watch to compatible iOS devices.

if you are going to sell or gift someone. So, you have to remove the activation lock from the apple watch. once you erase apple watch, after that you should Remove your apple watch from your iCloud account as well.

Steps for Reset or Erase Apple Watch without iPhone – Erase all content and Settings

You can also get a video guide to reset Apple Watch without iPhone. Scroll down this article to get a Video source.

Prerequisite: Before, Erase all content and settings of your Apple Watch, you should take back up of your iWatch.

Steps for– if you’ve no iPhone and want to Erase All Content and Settings on Apple Watch

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings app on the Watch home screen.
  • Step 2: Tap on General > Scroll down to Reset > Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

1 Reset Apple Watch Content and Settings (1)

  • That’s it. Now, Setup and make pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again when asked, restore from a backup.

Tutorial on How to reset or erase all content and settings of Apple Watch using iPhone 

This real official way even you forgot Apple watch Passcode then reset with iPhone running latest iOS.

  • Step 1. launch the Watch App on your iPhone Home screen.

Apple Watch App icon on iPhone home screen

  • Step 2. Tap on My Watch, then
  • Step 3. Next, you have to tap on General
  • Step 4. In Reset, tap on Erase all content and settings, then make sure with tap again.

1 Reset apple watch settings on iPhone

You’re done!

Do you find something different than given above factory reset Apple watch? Please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments. If you lost your Apple watch Passcode; erase your Apple Watch with iPhone and with iPhone.

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Here’s Some cool Q & A for Apple Watch

Question – Can you reset a locked Apple Watch?

  • Answer- No, Activation lock enabled Apple Watch cant reset. To factory reset Apple Watch, you must have to turn off Activation Lock first and then after you will able to go for further process.

Question – How do I reset my Iwatch to factory settings?

  • Answer- To reset Your iWatch, you will have to follow the step as mentioned above by step guide.

Question – Should I unpair my Apple Watch?

  • Yes, if you don’t want to use it for a long time.
  • No, if Apple Watch is your daily wearing gadget. By unpairing Apple Watch, Fixes various problems of your Apple Watch. Hence, You should unpair your Apple Watch in a week.

Question- When you unpair Apple Watch does it delete everything?

  • Yes, but don’t worry, whenever you unpair your Apple Watch, Your iPhone will start to take the latest backup of your Apple Watch. And then after that, your Watch will be eligible to unpair.
  • After this, ever you try to pair your Apple Watch with your previous paired iPhone at that moment, you will get two options – Set up as a new Watch and the second option is Restore Backup. Kindly choose to Restore the backup Apple Watch to get all your data back on your Apple Watch hassle-free.

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