iOS 12/iOS 12.5 Compatible Devices List of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Last Updated on Dec 3, 2020So the time has arrived for new iOS update, i.e., iOS 12. The first question will arise in your mind is “Which devices will be compatible with iOS 12?” Before listing out the devices let’s talk about iOS 12. Before the official launching of iOS 12, the developers get the chance to use the developer beta version and then beta is publically released. If you’re short-tempered, then I would suggest you to not to download beta version because it contains many bugs and you will get annoyed in a short time.

We were expecting lots of features before iOS 11 was released publically and since Apple came across our expectations and gave more than expected. Likewise, now we are waiting for iOS 12 and its brand new functions. The company is following the same path since years of releasing the iOS along with a new iPhone or iPhone’s.

iOS 12 will probably include the most innovative features, improved camera quality, animated emojis and much more.

We can’t predict this year which kind of iPhone will be going to introduce in the market by looking at previous launching. An iPhone X was beyond expectations, and it is a dramatic device than any of the smartphones in the world with such a gorgeous appearance and advanced camera.

Every year new iPhone releases in the market along with new iOS. But what about previous iOS and iPhone, we can’t just leave them behind. We all know iOS is only available for Apple devices. The criteria of Apple is straightforward at a certain point it will not give any iOS update on the iPhone or iPad or iPod touch to increase their sell.

List of Apple’s All iOS 12 Compatible devices

iPhone 5 and below devices were not given iOS 11 updates. From iPhone 5S onwards iOS 11 was available. Now for iPad, iPad 4th gen was not included in iOS 11 update, and iPod touch 6th generation was included for iOS 11. So by doing analysis, I have concluded some of the iDevice which is going to iOS 12 supported devices list.

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iOS 12 Compatibles iPhones

New iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR [model 2018]

iPhone X [model 2017]

iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus [model 2017]

iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus [model 2016]

iPhone 6/iPhone 6S/iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 6S Plus [model 2015 and 2014]

iPhone SE [model 2016]

iPhone 5S (2013 model) also included now in iOS 12, too.

iOS 12 Compatible devices list iPhones iPads iPod touch

iOS 12 Compatible iPads

  • The iPad Pro 12.9” (1st and 2nd Generation)
  • The iPad Pro 10.5.”
  • The iPad Pro 9.7.”
  • The iPad Air 2
  • The iPad Air 1
  • The iPad 5th Generation
  • The iPad 2018
  • The iPad Mini 2/ iPad Mini 3/iPad Mini 4

iOS 12 Compatible iPod Touch

iPod Touch 6th Generation

Expected iPod Touch 7th generation in 2018 later or begin 2019

The bad news is iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S not get iOS 12 updates, and about iPod, currently, Apple has only one iPod in the market so it is impossible that iPod cannot receive an update.

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