iPhone Emojis Copy and Paste [iOS 17]: Message, Mail, Text, Chat, Contacts

Last Updated on Sep 28, 2023

People nowadays, prefer to use Emojis instead of writing long texts. With Emojis, it’s been very easy to express our emotions, previously we were using symbols like : ), : ( etc. That was the world of 2D, but now we have advanced 3D Emojis, in the default keyboard always available to use. These Emojis are used anywhere, like while typing Emails, Messages, Saving Contacts, etc.

However, at some point, you might need to use the Emojis and the particular app will not show, at that time, the quickest way to bring the Emoji in the keyboard is to copy and paste it. In this article, we will show you how to copy and paste Emojis on iPhone, whether it is Messages app, Mail app, Text app, or Contacts. Aside from this, you can create Emojis shortcut with the inbuilt feature of the iPhone, which lets you use the phrase to bring the Emoji instead of searching it in the keyboard.

How to Create Shortcut for Emojis in iPhone, iPad

It’ll take less than a minute to create a new shortcut for Emojis on your iPhone and iPad.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Tap Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  4. Tap +, to create a new Emoji Shortcut on iPhone.
  5. Add the Emojis in the Phrase section and type the Shortcut letter.

Head towards the Messages or any app that supports the keyboard, and type the Shortcut letter, the iPhone will show suggestions, tap on it to add the Emojis. Whenever you try text shortcut on your iPhone Chatbox, Suggestion shortcut will show near to your finger.

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1 Text Replacment or Emoji Copy and Paste on iPhone (1)

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How to copy and Paste Emoji on iPhone, iPad

To Copy and Paste the Emojis on iPhone is straightforward, just like we do on any other phone.

  1. Navigate to the Messages app and choose the Emojis, to copy.
  2. Tap and hold on the text section, when asked to Select/Select All/Copy, tap Copy.
  3. And tap and hold the text section, and choose Paste.

Use Emoji in Contact name, Mail Body, Chat and Text Message. I hope you learn things for iPhone Emojis Copy and Paste running on the latest iOS version.

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