Will iPhone X and XR Support iOS 17? Here’s Answer

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

The latest version of Apple’s iOS is iOS 17 and will be available to download from 5 June 2023. However, for some reason, many users are confused about whether or not my iPhone with the A11 chipset will get the iOS 17 update. So, if you are stuck with the same query, here’s the answer. 

Will iPhone X and XR get iOS 17

Unfortunately, it isn’t yet clear which iPhone will get iOS 17, but a reliable source with alleged contact within Apple claims that Apple iOS 17 is compatible with all iPhone models that are capable of running iOS 16. However, in direct response to the claim, a reputable leaker has asserted that iOS 17 will drop support for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, and Xr, while iPadOS drops support to first-generation 12.9-inch and 9-inch iPad Pro and fifth-generation iPad. 

Being an Apple product for a long time, I can only say that both possibilities are possible. That’s because it’s not the first time the same list of compatible devices between major iOS updates. For instance, iOS 15 supports all devices that can run iOS 14. 

And in contrast, iOS 16 dropped some of the older flagships, like iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 series. However, it is still logical that the upcoming iOS update will drop the iPhone 8 and iPhone X series. That’s because both iPhone line-up is five years older – a timeframe previously used by Apple Software support was five years. And some of those were powered with an A11 chip.

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So right now, it’s a maybe or may not be the situation. All you can do is wait until the update gets officially released. 

Final Thought!

I hope, your query regarding iOS 17 compatibility is now clear.  Further, if you have any questions regarding the latest iOS 17, feel free to contact us.

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