iPhone XS Max App Animation and Scrolling Stutter Issues: Here are Complete Free Solutions

Animations or Screen Scrolling not working on iPhone XR, XS, X, after update, no matter what the reason is, here are some solutions.

Numbers of XS Max users encounter the screen scrolling issues (animation and scrolling stutter) on its bigger screen iPhone XS Max. Generally, the problem Happens intermittently when they are trying to swipe the App screen from up to bottom or bottom to the upward side. That time screen becomes freeze and stuck.

I also experienced a similar scrolling issue when I was using safari on my XS Max 512GB. But I have taken effective actions mentioned below to get rid of the scrolling problem, and one of them was my success. In case of you facing scrolling issue don’t worry. Try given solutions step by step and Fix it!

3 Solutions to Fix iPhone XS Max Screen scrolling issues

How to Fix iPhone XS Max Screen scrolling issues


  • App still not optimized for iPhone XS Max
  • App out-dated Version

Solution #1. Force Close an App

You should force quit App that becomes unresponsive

To force close,

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then pause with your finger in the middle of the screen for a second until all of the application cards appear. Then swipe up particular app away.

Next, Re-Open App and try to scroll the screen. Hope this works. The second clue is that my success point.

Solution #2. Reset the iPhone XS Max

Press volume up button then Volume down and HOLD the power button till Apple Logo appears!

HOLD the power button to turn it ON back.

If none of the above two workarounds work to your XS Max, then I suggest you one more idea that might help you.

Solution #3. Contact a particular App Developer

Please contact App developer using Google, and give them feedback regarding scrolling issues on iPhone XS Max. Hope they will try to optimize App and make it iPhone XS Max supported and will launch bug-free version.

Extra Life Line: Take a backup and try entirely wiping and then re-install firmware from iTunes.

Whenever you get an App update from third-party App, then don’t miss to update it. Keep your Phone app updated to use it flawlessly.

Any query related topic then you can ask us in the comments! You can also share your idea with us! Thanks for Reading!

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  1. I tried all suggested solutions provided to switch off my iphone, no success. I cannot swipe to answer calls also. Thank you for your help


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