iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR Side Button Doesn’t Work, Not Responding to touch

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Without Side button the iPhone is nothing, the Home button can be replaced by some gestures but removing side button will create difficulties for us. For there is no need to about that. But currently, we have side button in iPhone XS Max and what if side button not working in iPhone XS Max?

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Unresponsive side button can be due to a software glitch, or it might be hardware reason behind side button not working iPhone XS Max. So if you have decided to visit Apple Store then go, but before going, please try our tips to fix side button not working in iPhone XS Max, that will save your time and money.

iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR Side Button not Working and Not Responding

Solution 1: Remove the Case and Check it Out

First of all we will check it isn’t the case that is affecting side button on iPhone XS Max? So before trying something long fixes, you must remove the case then press the side button and see if the side button is working or not. Luckily if it is working then the buttons of the case are not working well, buy a new case for iPhone XS Max.

Solution 2: Power Button not working on iPhone XS Max how to turn off

Hard Reboot or Force restart your iPhone always fix the internal software glitch and refresh the memory and all process at once.

Here’s power button of your iPhone doesn’t respond, So check alternate ways to turn off iPhone.

Enable Assistive touch and Find Restart option [Virtual Option]. Check my iPhone Screen below.

Tap “Restart” on Confirmation popup from a screen.

Or Try Shut Down

Go to the Settings > General on your iPhone.

Scroll the screen till the end and Find “Shut Down” option. Now your iPhone will shut down and try the power button to turn on, if it’s stuck.

restart your iphone from Assistive Touch

restart your iphone from Assistive Touch

3: Adjust the click Speed of Side Button

Before I encounter side button not working in my iPhone XS Max, I was not aware that even we could adjust the click speed of side button. We can customize the side button in three ways such as Default, Slow and Slowest. So we can give a try to this and hope so that side button start working like before.

Step #1: Launch “Settings” app in iPhone XS Max.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Select “Accessibility”.

Step #4: Locate and tap “Side Button”.

Step #5: Now, select the “Slow”.

Side button Click Speed on iPhone under Accessibility

Side button Click Speed on iPhone under Accessibility

Next restart the iPhone XS Max, in case the side button is not working then you can follow our tutorial to restart iPhone XS Max without Power button. After the iPhone XS Max gets restarted check if the problem is fixed or persist.

Are you not sure with other settings? You are not sure with the settings, Then you can go with reset all settings on your iPhone. Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Solution 4: Update the iPhone

Still, the problem persists then you should look for an update in your device. Because such major issues get easily fixed when you update the iPhone.

Step #1: Open “Settings” app.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Select “Software Update”.

Solution 5: Contact Apple Support

Unfortunately updating iPhone doesn’t work out for you then it might be a hardware issue so now you have only last option left that is to make an appointment with Apple Center and tell them to fix Side button not working iPhone. Go to this page and fire your problem with Apple Assistance.

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