How to Join Multiple Zoom Meetings Simultaneously in 2023

Last Updated on Feb 1, 2022

If you are support staff or handle the back end of a company, then joining multiple meetings all at once can be very helpful for you. This unique feature enables the users to access and administer numerous meetings or sessions simultaneously so that you can monitor them at the same time to increase productivity.

To do this, the users need to enable the settings before joining any meeting; otherwise, the feature won’t work. We have prepared a list of how-to guide you through the process of allowing the joining of multiple sessions simultaneously featured on zoom in this post.

Who can join Multiple Zoom Meetings Simultaneously?

  • Are you using zoom with Business, Enterprise, or Education accounts? then, follow the below steps and enable the option for Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop from the zoom account settings.
  • Another important respect it, your Zoom Client app is updated to the latest version for Windows: version 4.1.27348.0625 or later and for macOS: version 4.4.522551.0414 or later. to check App versiob, Open zoom client on Mac, from top menu > About Zoom. Read more about Check for Zoom app update and Fix the issue

How to enable joining different meetings simultaneously on zoom using a desktop

This exceptional feature works only for desktop zoom clients and is not available for the mobile versions of the same. We will discuss how to enable this feature for accounts, groups, and users so that people with all the different subscriptions can take advantage of this feature.

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1. For Account

If you enable this feature on our desktop, then all of the members of your organization will get access to join multiple meetings simultaneously.

Step. 1→ On your desktop, launch any web browser.

Step. 2→ Then sign in to your zoom account as an admin using the zoom web portal for changing the account settings.

Step. 3→ Look for the option labeled Account Management in the navigation panel and click on it.

Step. 4→ After that, click on Account settings.

Step. 5→ Press on the Meeting tab setting.

Step. 6→ In the drop-down menu of the In Meeting (Basic) section, make sure that “Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop” is turned on.

Step. 7→ If this setting is turned off, enable it by toggling it until it is turned on. 

Step. 8→ You might see a confirmation pop-up, select Turn On to confirm the changes in our settings.

This method will enable the “Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop” feature on your desktop client for all your organization’s users. You can also make this setting compulsory for all users by clicking on the Lock icon and then selecting it to enable the setting until you turn it off.

2. For a Group

If you want to enable the setting for a specific group of users in your organization, then follow the steps prescribed below for a quick setup. Note that the Group management page’s name has been changed to Groups after the August 2021 update.

Step. 1→ Log into our zoom account as an admin using the zoom web portal.

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Step. 2→ Then, in the navigation panel, select User management followed by Group Management or Groups.

Step. 3→ Select the group for which you want to enable this feature and click on settings.

Step. 4→ Click on the Meeting tab from the list of options available.

Step. 5→ Then select the In Meeting (basic) section.

Step. 6→ Check if the setting is enabled. If not, then toggle it to turn the setting on.

By completing the steps mentioned above, you will be able to turn on the setting “Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop.” Select the Lock icon and confirm the setting to make it mandatory for all users.

3. For User

If a user wants to enable the “Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop” setting for themselves or personal use, then they can follow these simple steps to enable it.

Step. 1→ Open the web browser and log into your zoom account.

Step. 2→ Click on the settings tab in the navigation panel.

Step. 3→ After that, press on the Meeting icon or option.

Step. 4→ Under the heading of In Meeting (Basic) section, ensure that the Join different meetings simultaneously on the desktop setting are turned on.

Step. 5→ If the setting is disabled, then toggle it to enable this feature on your account.

This simple process will enable this setting on your individual or personal zoom account.

Then the users can join multiple meetings on zoom by clicking on the Join button on the desktop client, clicking on Join URL, or visiting the website and putting in the meeting id to join the session.

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These are the most effective, most accessible, and time-saving methods using which you can administer and monitor multiple zoom meetings all at once to increase the productivity and efficiency of your work.

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