Question Mark instead of a Launchpad in the Dock: Here’s fix

Launchpad on Mac is a smart way to find the app that is installed on your Mac or Recently installed apps from the Mac app store or from an online web source. Alternatively, We can use Launchpad on mac in different ways like from Keyboard Shortcut [Fn+F4], Spotlight search, or From dock. Several Mac users also reported MacOS Monterey to convert the Launchpad icon to the Question mark on Dock in Safe mode.

Mac users often use Spotligh search from the dock, to launch the app or search the app on Mac. But you can do it, because of the Question mark showing instead of the Launchpad shortcut.

Question mark instead of a launchpad in the dock on Mac

Follow the below solution to Bring it back on your Mac dock,

1: Delete Launchpad app icon and Add to Launchpad Shortcut

Customized dock on Mac, allow to add New Shortcut and Remove from Existing shortcuts appear on dock.

Right-click on Question Mark icon > Remove From dock. That’s it.

Re-add Launchpad Shortcut to Dock

  1. Open Finder on Mac > Applications.
  2. Press and Hold on [Shift + Command + A] > Find launchpad icon.
  3. Drage it to your Mac dock. That’s it.

if you won’t able to add or remove the question mark icon from the dock or fix the issue then I recommend reinstalling macOS on your Mac without any data loss.

2: Safe mode on Mac

Safe mode on mac help in fixing the internal software problem caused by installed software on your Mac at startup. So, first put your Mac ins safe mode and Try to remove Question Mark from the dock and add Launchpad to Doc on Mac in safe mode.

Once you did, Exit from safe mode by restarting your Mac.

3: Reinstall macOS

if your Mac is corrupted because of internet software issues or bugs. So, apple is recommended to install a new copy of MacOS without touching the saved data on your Mac.

First, put your Mac in recovery mode, and reinstall macOS. Make sure your Mac has an intel or M1 Processor.

For M1 Mac:-

  1. Shut down your Mac, and Wait for 10 seconds. Now Press and Hold on the power button until your mac screen shows the Startup option, with Startup volumes and Option.
  2. Click on Option > Wait for your Mac to see the MacOS recovery screen, then select Reinstall macOS option > Continue.
  3. Next, Follow the on-screen process, Complate with the installation. it will take time depending on the Internet connection and Speed.

For Intel Mac:-

  1. Shut down your Mac, after 10 seconds turn on your Mac. and Immediately, Press and Hold on command + R Key until you see the MacOS Utilities window.
  2. Select Reinstall macOS Option in utility window, and continue with the on-screen setup. Select the macOS Volume and Re-install a new copy of macOS On your Mac.
  3. That’s it.
  4. Restore from Time Machine Backup

If you have an old backup you found the issue after a software update that can’t fix with the reinstall macOS. then Restore the latest Time machine backup to your Mac and fix the problem.


The problem is annoying Becuase the Question mark on the dock distracts the mac user’s concentration and should you fix it to open Launchpad from the dock on Mac. Otherwise, you can’t open the launchpad by clicking on Question Mark.

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