Mac Low Power Mode not appearing on macOS Monterey

Last Updated on Nov 2, 2021

Low Power Mode not Supported to All Mac on macOS 12 Monterey. in this blog post, get all about Low Power mode on Mac.

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We all did follow custom settings turned off to save power consumption on our MacBook pro; it was time take method. Still, after macOS Monterey Update, Mac users get a Low Power mode Settings in Mac’s battery system preference. All are talking that this is a power-enhanced feature of macOS Monterey. Nearly 35% of users upgrade macOS Monterey from the Big Sur operating system. Hence, we understand how cool this feature is.

One thing is that numerous users would like to toggle Low Power Mode enable, but they can’t find LPM Settings in the battery section. So it is a bug to show up or anything else? So no, it’s not a macOS Monterey issue. But after I read, on the Apple website, on the page, it mentioned not all mac users can get Low power mode settings after macOS 12 upgrade.

I try to put a list of Macs that Supported Low Power Mode on Mac Monterey

  • All MacBook (Early 2016 and later)
  • All MacBook Pro (Early 2016 and later).

Let’s see how to check MacBook Model year;

Go to Apple Logo, Click on About This Mac, choose Overview Tab; on this page, you can find your Macbook model name.

If your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro was manufactured on or before 2015, unfortunately, you are not eligible to get a Low Power mode toggle.

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