Object capture Missing or not working on Mac Monterey: Here’s Fix

Last Updated on Oct 16, 2021

Augmented Reality: mac Monterey

Apple’s new macOS 12 has the latest AR feature for developers called Object Capture. You know, Object capture makes it easy to create high‑quality and immersive AR content.

Object capture turns a series of 2D images into a photo-realistic 3D object that’s optimized for AR in just minutes using the power of Mac. As a result, object Capture makes 3D content creation easy for all developers.

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Unfortunately, According to the Apple website, not All Macs are supported by the New AR Object Capture function. So, as a Developer, if you are facing Object Capture missing or not working on your Mac, check the bottom list that shows up OC of Ar feature supported Mac.

  • Object Capture is available on Mac computers with the Apple M1 chip and Mac computers with an Intel processor and at least 16GB RAM and 4GB VRAM.
  • Processing time will vary based on object complexity and other factors.

What to do to get Object Capture on Unsupported Macs?

Till today, there isn’t any hack to get Object Capture on an unsupported Mac, but when it is available, we will update you soon.

If in an emergency, I suggest your should upgrade your Mac. You should buy Apple M1 Mac or a new upcoming M1X chip MacBook Pro.

To Get Object capture on your Mac

First of all, Download macOS Monterey beta and Xcode 13 beta, which includes support for the Object Capture API.

Read more here – https://developer.apple.com/augmented-reality/object-capture/ 

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