Note app in iOS 9: Features and Make document

Note app in iOS 9 features and how to use

Note app in iOS 9 made huge different compare to old iOS version. That will very helpful for managing your task effectively. Here I explain brief introduction on new note app features in iOS 9, and how to use all features in beautiful format. Now on your big screen iOS devices (iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and other compatible iOS 9 device), in the new feature you can try add photos from camera roll, add your free hand signature in different color and line thickness.

Apple’s view on update note app with such phenomenal improvements for Mange all notes easily inside folder, Move it anywhere for students, professional, Business use and kids.

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Create notes offline and share on other Apple’s device for access anywhere and anytime.

Best features and tips on note app in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad

Here below all tips are explained with video tutorial that will cover all useful tools and options for Note app.

1st Create any number folder and add note by tap on new not icon from the beneath of the screen, Once you create note, it will save with default name.

2nd Then add photo from camera roll by tap on “+” icon > Camera icon.

3rd You can also add signature by tap on free line icon near to camera icon. There you can pick any of point for prefer design and signature (Pencil point, Pen point, Highlighter point with different color). Default color is black but you can change from different 24 colors.

4th Create separate point with Bullets mark, and Notice or highlight by tap on bullet. There not only bullet option but also other alternative option available for format your text beautifully with Title, Body, Bulleted Tag, Dashed Tag and number List.Note app in iOS 9 features and how to use

Really awesome for all users who are pointing daily updates and notice in note app. Don’t miss to share how much note app in iOS 9 useful compare to old features, personally.

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