Fix Pages Can’t open on Mac Sonoma: New or Old Pages Document

Apple Pages app is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office Word and can create documents and files on your MacBook. However, sometimes the application faces some difficulties that prevent its users from launching the app or opening some of the documents, whether they are old or new. Many users face this issue which affects their workflow, which often leads to stress and irritation.

To take care of the error “Pages software can’t open a new or old document,” we have compiled this great list of ways using which you can quickly fix this problem. These methods result from deep research and analysis so take note of them carefully.

1. Close the Pages app and Relaunch it

The most straightforward and efficient method to fix different types of errors, including the inability of the page’s app to open the old or new documents, is to restart the application. One can relaunch the app by going through these steps.

Step. 1→ Click on Pages.

Step. 2→ Then tap on the Quit Pages button to close the app. The users can also do this by hitting the Command + Q keys on the keyboard of your MacBook.


Step. 3→ Relaunch the app and try to open the documents again.

This method will fix the minor errors and problems caused by the app. If this doesn’t work, then try the methods mentioned below.

2. Restart the MacBook

If the users are still unable to open their documents in the Apple Pages app even after relaunching it, then the second-best method to fix this issue is to restart the Mac. Follow the simple steps described below to restart your device.

Step. 1→ At the top left-hand corner of the screen, click on the Apple logo icon.

Step. 2→ From the list of available options in the drop-down menu, select Restart and click on it.

Step. 3→ Wait for the system to restart.

This process will restart your Macbook to its original settings. Now try reopening the new or old documents in the Pages software to check if the issue is fixed.

3. Clear the Cache files from your system

Clearing the cache files from your device boosts up the performance and fixes or removes any bugs or glitches associated with some apps. One can clear the cache files from the Mac by these easy steps.

Step. 1→ Close the Pages app.

Step. 2→ Then go to Finder on your Mac.

Step. 3→ Click on the Go button and head to the folder or press the shift + command + G keys on the keyboard to Go to the folder directly.

Step. 4→ In the search bar, type ~/Library/Caches and hit Go.


Step. 5→ Look for the item named “” move it to the Trash. If you won’t find cache folder, then Search Pages or iWork in Search box under the cache folder on Mac.


Step. 6→ Quit from this window.

Step. 7→ Finally, long-press the Shift key while launching the Pages and double-click on the file you wish to open.

By this process, the cache files that might be affecting the opening and closing operations of the documents will be deleted, resulting in the seamless working of the app.

4. For iCloud documents

If you are trying to open an iCloud document in your Mac, you might face the error caused by syncing issues that restrict you from opening the Pages document. Hence, forcing the Pages app to re-sync that online document with your app might solve this problem.

Step. 1→ First, Quit Pages completely from your Mac.

Step. 2→ Open safaris or any other web browser.

Step. 3→ Head over to the website and log in to your iCloud account.

Step. 4→ Select Pages look for the document you faced difficulty opening.


Step. 5→ Make a minor change to that document, thus forcing iCloud to re-sync that document.

Step. 6→ Close the web browser and try opening the document again in the Pages software.


With this process, the users will be able to solve all the issues caused due to the improper syncing of the document, and the user will be able to open the new and their old online documents easily.

5. Troubleshooting for disk errors

The problems related to your disk can be a reason for the Pages app not responding correctly. The Pages users can fix this problem by troubleshooting for disk errors by taking note of these simple steps.

Step. 1→ Click and open the Finder app denoted by blue and white face in the dock.

Step. 2→ Then, click on Applications > Utilities to open the Disk Utility App on the sidebar.


Step. 3→ Choose the primary hard disk the list of options. If not showing, Show Only Volumes.


Step. 4→ Search for the First Aid button and click on it.


Step. 5→ Then hit Run > Continue to start the troubleshooting.


Step. 6→ Once it is done, restart your Macbook.

Open the Pages document again that faced difficulty while opening to see if the issue is fixed or not. If the users still face the problem, then take a closer look at the final procedure to resolve it.

6. Start the MacBook in Safe Mode

Starting your MacBook in safe mode can fix a lot of issues caused by malware and other bugs that result in applications like Page’s malfunctioning. One can seamlessly start their Macs in safe mode using these simple steps described below.

Make sure your Mac has an M1 or Intel Processor Chip. Follow the steps below as your mac’s processor.

For M1 Mac

Step. 1→ Initially, Shut down the Mac. Wait for 10 seconds.

Step. 2→ Then Press and Hold on the Power button, Until you see the Startup login items and Option on the screen. it will take some time.

Step. 3→ Select Startup Volume, then press the Shift Key from Keyboard and Choose to Continue in Safe mode.


Step. 4→ Log into your Mac account as many times as it prompts you to.

Step. 5→ This will enable the safe mode on your Mac. That’s it. Now, your issue will be fixed automatically. Check it. Once you fixed your problem. Restart your Mac to exit from safe mode.

For Intel Mac

Step. 1→ Initially, shut down the MacBook.

Step. 2→ Then turn on the Mac and long-press the shift key as soon as you turn it on.

Step. 3→ Leave the shift key once you see the login screen.

Step. 4→ Log into your Mac account as many times as it prompts you to.

Step. 5→ This will enable the safe mode on your Mac.

Step. 6→ Now open the Pages document that you had trouble opening.

Step. 7→ After that, Restart the MacBook irrespective of the result of the previous step.

Step. 8→ Lastly, reopen the Pages software again to see if the problem persists.

The process of starting the MacBook in safe mode should have opted only when the other methods described in this post do not work for you. This method will remove all sorts of errors caused by bugs, malware, and other related issues that result in the malfunction of some of the apps.

These methods have been proven to work for almost all of the users, and hence we have accumulated the data in this post to help you better out. All the processes and methods are elementary to follow. They will surely help in resolving your issue related to “Pages Can’t open on Mac: New Document or Old Pages Document.” We hope that you benefitted from our post and resolved the issue.

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