How to pair/ Unpair Airpods to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac

Pair Airpods with iPhone is very easy but Apple’s auto sync with other devices that we must learn & understand. Here I give you the guide on how to Pair Airpods to iPhone/ iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or Apple TV. Then unpair that and again reconnect. Apple’s new Auto connect mechanism work behind these cases, W1 Chipset pair automatically and connect one-to-many connections between all Apple Devices to Single Airpods.

Here I discussed all the possibilities for setup your Airpods to All Apple Devices individually.

All devices must be updated with latest iOS/ Watch OS/ MacOS version: iOS 10, WatchOS 3 and MacOS High Sierra.

Steps for Pair Airpods to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Watch, Mac

1 Unpair/ Pair Airpods to iPhone iPad Apple Watch or Macbook iMac (1)

  1. How to pair Airpods to iPhone
  2. How to pair Airpods with another iPhone
  3. How to pair Airpods to iPad
  4. How to pair/ Unpair Airpods to Apple Watch
  5. How to pair/ Unpair Airpods to Mac
  6. How to pair Airpods to Apple TV

How to pair Airpods to iPhone

1: Open Airpods case near to your iPhone.

2: Tap on Connect button will appear on control center Airpods card.

2 Open Airpods Cap and connect to iPhone iPad or Apple Watch (1)

They will turn on Bluetooth automatically on iPhone and deliver music to Airpods. On the same card, you can see battery level for Airpods and charge case.

To unpair: Go to the Settings App > Bluetooth > Tap on information icon > Forget This Device.

How to pair Airpods with Another iPhone

1: Open charging case in front of another new iPhone.

2: Tap the connect from control center Airpods screen card > Press and hold the button on the back of the Airpods case.

It will be connected automatically, wait for seconds.

How to pair Airpods to iPad

Your iPad can use Paired Airpods with iPhone automatically on iPhone when iPad using same apple ID. It will auto sync your Airpods with iPad.

How to pair/ unpair Airpods to Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch automatically paired once you paired with iPhone or unpaired it by released from iPhone.

How to pair/ Unpair Airpods with Mac/ Macbook

Pair with Mac: Any Mac device will pair automatically, by running on same Apple ID, iCloud automatically sync pairing.

Unpair: Press and Hold Alt key + Click on Bluetooth icon from Mac top menu bar. Find your Airpods in Devices Section > Remove.

How to pair Airpods to Apple TV

Lack of iCloud facility on Apple TV, we can connect Airpods to Apple TV using usual Bluetooth Headphone connect to Apple TV process.

Anyway if you are in a problem with Airpods not connecting on Pair Airpods to iPhone/ iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Get Troubleshooting tips. And Share your thought behind new Airpods from Apple.


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