Fix Airpods Not Connecting to Mac or iPhone in 2023

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Airpods are smashing the music world because they are compatible with all Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iMac/ Macbook, and Apple TV). Apple Headphone is redesigned and it will become wireless, More functional, and responsive to use on different Bluetooth-enabled devices. We can easily listen to music, Receive calls, and Make a call in clear/ pure sound. People are affected by Airpods not connecting, or Audio cut anytime, and stuttering.

I found the online solution from the tech community and forum they expressed story in below, that all have a maximum chance to fix your problem or troubleshoot it

iOS 12 or Later: Use Live Listen with AirPods.

Troubleshooting guide on Airpods not connecting

Unpair and Forgot

On iOS: Go to the Settings App > Bluetooth > Tap on (i) near to your last AirPods connection > Forget This Device.

1 Bluetooth Forgot on iPhone for Airport: Airpods not connecting

On Mac: Click on Top Apple Menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth

Now at the same time, Reset your Airpods (Open Airpods cap only, Press and Hold Back White button until White light will blink), Now your Airpods will appear on your Mac’s Bluetooth Preference. Now Click on connect button on mac and Set the Audio device as an Airpods from the Top Apple menu (Speaker icon).

Unpair Airpods from all apple devices connected with the same network

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Turn off all Apple Devices and turn them on again,

Then, first, turn on a primary device (Mac) and try to plug it,

Keep distance near between Airpods and Device

In my personal experience, Bluetooth devices should be near less than 4 meters.

Check Charging in Percentage

Wireless Airpods are rechargeable, so we need to recharge on usage. After a long time note is used then first check Airpods battery on your iOS device (it Will be shown in the notification center).

Are you not happy with Airpods sound quality? And doesn’t fit in your usage then try Airpods alternatives.

Reset Network Settings

Reset network settings will erase and refresh all connections, Auto-fix all the problems related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well, Reset Network Settings.

Go to Settings App > General > Scroll the screen all the way choose Transfer Or Reset iPhone > Tap Reset > Reset Network Settings >Confirm Reset Network Settings.


Keep updated Device

Check any new update available on iOS or Mac.

iOS: Settings App > General > Software Update

Mac: Apple Menu > System Preference > Software Update.

Connect AirPods From Mac Bluetooth Preferences

If your mac isn’t detecting & connecting with AirPods after, While you are reset the AirPods or Keep airpod near to mac. In this case, Connect it manually under the Bluetooth Preferences on Mac, Follow the steps below and try to connect,

Once reset AirPods, and Now Airpods is ready to pair with Mac,

  • Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > Bluetooth > Click on AirPods’s Connect Option, Wait for a Few seconds until your AirPods show Connected.
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Now, AirPods is connected. That’s it.

Still, are you facing any connectivity issues, then try after cleaning up Both Left & Right AirPods, and AirPods Charging cases as well.

Clean Charging Case of AirPods Pro
Clean Charging Case of AirPods Pro
Clean Charging Connector of Left Airpod or Right AirPod
Clean Charging Connector of Left Airpod or Right AirPod

I hope, You would also like to follow Airpods how-to tricks.

Share your help and story that you fixed own yourself and are happy to help others in Airpods not connecting issue.

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