How to Boost iPhone Music app Volume: Disable Volume Limit

How to Boost iPhone Music app Volume

The Apple keeps care of their users on every product. Either the field of health or in business, Education and the hardware of its product. Here we will guide you to boost iPhone Music app Volume. Many users are having an issue about hearing too hard with headphone or on iPhone speaker. It’s not all time iPhone speaker problem but might your iPhone enabled under volume limit for the Music app. so to do disable that and to remove volume limit, the following steps will help you with the perfect screenshots.

You will be feeling the Sound effect on headphone mode rather than the iPhone speaker. This is just a way to boost iPhone Music app volume, but the ENT doctor strongly recommends that the always keep low to the average Sound volume while you are listening to songs using earbuds. You know guys, The iPhone Speaker Docks is an alternative and ideal solution to hear to your iOS music library and favorite Playlist with the heavy sound in your home and at an entertainment place.

Tips and Tricks to boost iPhone Music App Volume

How to Boost iPhone Music app Volume

Step 1. Launch Settings app.

iPhone Music App Volume iOS 9

Step 2. Hit Music then scrolls the screen and under the Playback tap on Volume limit.

Maximum Volume level

Step 3. Keep the slider up to Maximum Volume level. If the slider is not at the maximum level, then drag and move it for maximum.

That’s it.

Step 4. Now Go back and turn Sound Check Off.

That’s it!

EQ settings on iPhone iOS 9

Since now, you can be feeling loud sound than before you listened.  Enjoy Apple Music and downloaded offline songs with more precise and extra sound effect.

Furthermore, you might be familiar about EQ (EQ apps for iOS), inside the Settings app – find & tap on Music, you will see EQ option above the Volume Limit. So if possible, you should keep EQ option Off to add more sound effect.

If you are facing a volume slider that disappeared after update iOS you should swipe up the control center and then swipe to the left on CC (control center).

Yes, guys, swiping up screen has been modified in iOS. So at the first eye, you unable to appear volume indicator is not showing on iPhone/ iPad. To see the volume slider in the control center music widget – press on music playback. Now you can appear in the volume bar.

Let’s know-how seems above method to boost iPhone Music app volume. Do you have any other way to increase iPhone Volume for the Music app which is defined above? Please leave a caption in the comment box; we would like.

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