Play multiple YouTube video continuously on iPad, iPhone

Now on YouTube you can watch different videos of movie, TV Episode, Documentary and Videos songs continually without selecting manually one after another manually. From here get how to play YouTube video continuously on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in loop. Most of the YouTube channel sharing/ uploading whole stream in different video part segment but at the time of watch all videos you have to find through episode number/ video serial number or Date. Like if you want harry porter all movies parts on YouTube then first create continuous video list in series and Play for watch all video without play or push.

Play YouTube video offline on iPhone (iPhone 6S/ 6/ 6Plus)/ iPad (iPad Air, iPad Pro) with iOS 9/ iOS 8.

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Steps for Play YouTube video continuously on iPad: Create Own YouTube Playlist

By simple going through below steps you can create large videos playlist on your YouTube app.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube app in your iPad/ iPhone.

Step 2: Search Types for Video that you want play continuously on iPad/ iPhone. Here I pick example for Harry porter series.

Step 3: Once you list of all Harry porter video, Tap on three dot points available on each video. See in below image. Then tap on Add To playlist from bottom menu. > Create New Playlist > Give Name (Harry Porter) > and or watch YouTube video continuously on iPad in iOS 8/9

Steps 4: Add more videos in same playlist Tap on Three Dotted icon > Add To Playlist > Choose name for directly add.Create Playlist and save on iPad

Once you create playlist you can see it from main menu, Under the Playlists section > Tap on Created Playlist. That’s you want to play continuously on iPad/ iPhone or iPod Touch.All Playlist in YouTube app in iPad

Note: You can also remove YouTube Video from playlist easily. Tap on Three Dotted icon > Remove from playlist.

Are you getting YouTube Playback error,

And also check at first, your device running latest updated YouTube app on your iOS version. Other you can set it for auto update app in App Store. Now you can stream YouTube video continuously on Apple TV or Other media device. Want more help in stream/ Play YouTube video continuously on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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