How to Make a YouTube Playlist & Play in Loop on iPhone, android

Want to plan YouTube Videos while chatting or playing games on iPhone, iPad or Mac, this article will show you how to do that.

Did you know that you can now watch various types of videos, such as movies, TV episodes, documentaries, and music videos, on YouTube without having to select them manually one by one? You can also learn how to play YouTube videos continuously on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch in a loop. Sometimes YouTube channels share whole streams in different segments, which means that you have to find the videos by episode number, video serial number, or date. If you want to watch all parts of a movie series like Harry Potter on YouTube, you can create a continuous video list in the series and play it to watch all the videos without having to push the play button for each one.

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Make a YouTube Playlist for Continuous Video Looping

By simply going through the below steps, you can create a large video playlist on your YouTube app.

1). On iPhone, iPad, and Android App: Play YouTube Video in Loop Continuously

The loop option is not easily available on your iPhone/iPad or Android App. So you have to go with this tricky way. First, Open the YouTube app and Create a Playlist for one video or more. Now We can Enable the Playlist for Play in a loop. So, Single Video will continuously play in a loop automatically on your YouTube App.

1. Go to the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Search Types for Videos you want to play continuously on the iPad/ iPhone. Here, I pick an example from the “Harry Potter series“.

 Launch the youtube app tap search harry potter then play video on iPhone

3. Once you list all Harry Potter videos, Tap on three dot points available on each video. See the below image. Then tap on Add To playlist from the bottom menu. > Create New Playlist > Give Name (Harry Porter) > and Add.

Click save tap saved select harry potter tap done on iPhone

4. Add more videos in the same playlist Tap on Three Dotted icons> Add To Playlist > Choose a name for direct add.
5. Once you create a playlist, you can see primary YouTube options. Tap on Library and See a List of all playlists.

Tap profile tap on playlists then select video on start click play all on iPhone

6. Tap on the Playlist name, Expand the Playlist, and Click on the Loop icon to Play all videos in a loop To play a Single Video play in a loop, Remove the Other Video from the playlist first.

Turn on repeat icon for iPhone

7. You can also remove YouTube videos from the playlist easily. Tap on Three Dotted iCon> Remove from the playlist. After Remove from Playlist, Open Playlist, and Tap on the loop icon to Play only one video in the loop.

Tap three icon select hide video from playlist on iPhone

That’s it. The next trick is to Play YouTube Video in Loop on your Desktop.

2). On Mac/PC Browser: Play YouTube Video in Loop Continuously

The loop option is a Hidden feature for YouTube; We can enable the Play in Loop option for Selected videos while a video is playing on your Browser. To Enable the Loop video, Right-click on the YouTube Video Player from Safari or any Browser.

1. Open on your Mac/PC Browser. Now, Play the Video in the Browser.

Open safari search youtube app on mac

2. Right-click on Video, and See the Loop option. Enable this setting for Selected Video only. After that, the YouTube video will continuously play in a loop.

Double click select loop option in video on mac

That’s it.

3). AutoPlay YouTube Video on iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC

By default, the YouTube app and Browser will play the next video automatically from the recommendation; You will get more entertainment personally or for your Kids. Find the Settings for Autoplay YouTube video on your iPhone/iPad app and Mac/PC Browser.

On Your iPhone/iPad

Open the YouTube app on your iPhone and play Any video on the App. Next, find the option for Autoplay toggle. Enable it to continuously play the next video.

Turn on auto-play is on to youtube app for iPhone

On Your Mac/PC

Open on your browser. Next, Play any video Find the Toggle for the Autoplay option and Enable it.

Turn off auto-play is off in youtube video for mac
Turn on auto-play is on youtube video for iPhone

Are you getting YouTube Playback error,

Make sure that your iOS device has the latest version of the YouTube app installed. You can either check for updates in the App Store or set it to auto-update. Once you have the updated app, you can easily stream YouTube videos continuously on Apple TV or any other media device. If you need further assistance with streaming on YouTube or playing YouTube videos continuously on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, please let me know.

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