iPhone YouTube app – Playback error Tap to retry in iOS [How to Fix]

Learn this Guide about how to fix playback error Tap to retry in iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6 app and Android YouTube app. Almost users may experience low and poor video quality, slow video or loading as well buffering and playback to retry on iOS YouTube app, but behind of them there are many factors such as problem with your internet service provider (ISP) or mobile carrier plan like 3G, 4G network difference; many users connected through Personal Hotspot within single internet connection; either issues with software/ hardware or the problem in playing Video. You might get YouTube video iOS app irksome playback error Tap to retry solve using under listed ways.

Best Steps to troubleshoot YouTube error Playback error tap to retry on iPhone, iPad & Android OS. This is guided by Google, because YouTube has operated by them.

Updated (June 22, 2016): 

If any updates available for YouTube app in apple store, first check it and update it.YouTube app update on iOS device check in app store

Go to the App Store > Updates > Find App and Update

May be youtube service down for your regions (http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/youtube.com.html). You can check up and down time.

Prior First under given Steps to solve Playback error tap to retry on iPhone 6, iPad

Step #1. Swipe down the video to minimize

Step #2. Swipe from right to release the videohow to fix Playback error Tap to retry in iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6

Step #3. Find and search the video again on YouTube searchAdjust video quality & slow video on iOS 8

That’s it. You can try Sign-out YouTube app and login again by enter genuine mail id.

Alternate Ways to make grip on iPhone YouTube app Error – Playback error Tap to retry 

1st – Update your modem firmware

You should check your Modem firmware version; if its update has available then you should do the update it first.

Go to the Settings App > General > Software update (Check for Update).

2nd – Uninstall iOS YouTube app

I think, you should also follow beneath given steps to clear your YouTube app issues for playback error Tap to retry.

  • Uninstall the YouTube app,
  • Reboot your iDevice and then
  • install YouTube app again from the App Store

If might above ways does not revamp your YouTube error then if you can only try beneath given ways.

How to Adjust Video quality on YouTube app

You can adjust video quality such as high definition video, low clarity to high clarity everything using this source Adjust video quality on iPhone YouTube app.

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