Best Language Learning Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Learning a new language is never easy; it takes a lot of effort and understanding every concept from the basics. Thankfully there are some good apps that make language learning easy. The world is constantly evolving with many innovations, so learning languages is important.

Must-Have Best Language Learning Apps

If you are curious about learning different languages, you must read this blog until the end.

1. Duolingo

duolingo language lessons
duolingo language lessons

Duolingo is the most downloaded education app that is a must if you want to learn languages quickly. I found Duolingo most convenient because it is completely free and allows one to learn 40-plus languages. I personally recommend this app if you are planning to study in international countries. The app has decent and quick lessons that will help your vocabulary and grammar skills. I also love their streak feature that keeps me interacting to reach the goal. Designed by experts, Duolingo is proven for long-term language retention. You can also track your learning while playing fun games and earn daily rewards.

Benefits of using Duolingo:

  • Free for learning
  • Fun and effective
  • Track your daily goals

2. Memrise 

memrise easy language learning
memrise easy language learning

Memrise ends all your struggle of learning new languages. What I liked about Memrise is their way of teaching languages using real-life phrases and video clips. The app has a pretty user interface and useful short videos with pronunciation. The best part of what I love is they have videos with real voices of local streets, coffee shops, and karaoke bars that will help to understand how people speak in real-life situations, so it’s basically teaching from native speakers. You can find over 50,000 audio and videos in the app to learn every basic thing about language; whether it is ordering something at a restaurant or normal chatting with a random person, memrise has got you covered all. 

Benefits of using Memrise:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Real-life videos
  • Learn language essentials and vocabulary

3. Babbel

babbel language learning
babbel language learning

I didn’t feel bored with Babbel at all; it makes you remember your old school days. The app has interactive lessons that will help you to learn your desired language with less effort. You can learn German, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, and many international languages. The app is divided into small lessons and real-life dialogues to make learning enjoyable. It is a free app though you can buy a subscription, starting at $14.95. The majority of people noticed up to 100% results in 3 months.

Benefits of using Babbel:

  • Free signup
  • Interactive lessons
  • Real-life dialogues and phrases

4. Busuu

busuu language learning
busuu language learning

Your language learning struggle ends here with busuu; this app allows you to choose the language you wish to learn. Though the app is free, it has a premium and premium plus subscription. You can also take help from native speakers to learn accurate grammar and vocabulary. If you want a personalized study plan, then you must go for a premium. You can get feedback from the language experts to real your goal faster. I am really impressed by their 50% discount on premium; also, it’s ad-free for seamless learning.

Benefits of using Busuu:

  • Free download
  • Learn over 14 languages
  • Feedback from native speakers

5. HelloTalk

hellotalk language learning
hellotalk language learning

HelloTalk is one of the interactive language learning apps that allow one to practice with real-life native speakers. I personally loved how it allows us to find a suitable language partner based on the region and age to ensure comfortable learning. You can use practice and learn with hello talk live and voice room to discuss your queries and interests with people across the globe. If you need a personal tutor and want to have 1:1 sessions, you can also find the perfect personalized tutor to learn at your convenience. Moreover, you can also post your learning moments and explore new places and cultures.

Benefits of HelloTalk:

  • Join voice room and live stream
  • Personal 1:1 learning lessons
  • Post moments and learning experience

6) Beelinguapp

beelinguapp language learning
beelinguapp language learning

If you have always dreamt of learning a new language, then beefing up is the best option to learn a language in an interactive way. I am really amazed by their audiobooks that helped to train my ears. You can read stories in two different languages you love and listen to the audio for correct pronunciations and vocabulary. This app has interesting stories for everyone, whether French to Spanish or Spanish to German; a quick quiz at the end of the story will enhance your learning and interaction. You can find stories of every genre and start learning according to your learning level, from beginners to advance.

Benefits of using Beelinguapp:

  • Free app
  • bilingual audiobooks
  • Karaoke and Stories for effective learning

7) LingoDeer

lingodeer learn languages
lingodeer learn languages

Being the #1 app for learning Asian languages, I personally love how the app provides structured lessons by expert language teachers. It’s proven to be the best app if you want to travel abroad or make friends from other countries then Lingodeer has got you covered all. It has 5 mins daily lessons, and the course is specially curated to your target language. The app is customized for Asian languages that have studio-recorded audio from native speakers for a better understanding of grammar. You can also learn lessons while you are offline. You can find great mini-stories, captions, real-life conversations, audio phrasebooks, and much more that will make your learning session fun.

Benefits of using LingoDeer:

  • Short and fun learning sessions
  • It also works when offline
  • Real-life conversations and audio phrasebooks

8) Mondly

learn 33 languages with mondly
learn 33 languages with mondly

Mondly is the key to smarter language learning if you want to genuinely have fun while learning. I liked how professional voice actors speak words and phrases, and it also has fun language lessons to improve grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and much more. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced, or a busy person with a hectic schedule, Monday has a series of fun lessons for everyone. The app has reading, listening, and speaking lessons that will help you speak correctly. It has great features such as verb conjunctions, art speech recognition and has advanced statistics to track the learning progress.

Benefits of using Mondly:

  • Daily free lessons
  • Learn from real-life conversations
  • Advanced track progress

9) Mango Languages

mango languages learning
mango languages learning

Mango makes your language learning easier with real-time conversational audio and other interactive content. Designed with interactive features and a unique algorithm, this app is focused on personalized learning. It has specially curated courses that include pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and many more. I really found their 14-day free trial worth trying; during the language courses, you can learn about real-world conversations and culture through native speakers’ audio. The app has linguist-approved courses and an individualized spaced repetition system for improved learning. You can even keep the courses downloaded and learn while you are offline. I love how they offer personalized support from real humans to solve every doubt.

Benefits of using Mango Languages:

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Learn from real-world conversations
  • Personalized support from native speakers

10. Google Translate

google translate
google translate

Isn’t it amazing if you had a personal translator everywhere you go? Google Translate can be your handy and quick translator, which can help you translate up to 133 languages. Personally, the best thing I found useful about this app is that it even works when you are offline. It can translate any file format, such as text, images, conversations, handwriting, phrasebook, and much more. Other than this, I enjoyed speech translation; you can also translate via camera or just import photos from your device. Moreover, it can also be used for educational purposes to understand things in detail.

Benefits of using Google Translate:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Translates up to 133 languages
  • Translates real-time words and images

Final Thoughts,

I hope you found the above article useful to make your language learning journey easier. If you want to sound confident like a native speaker, I personally liked Duolingo, Babbel, monthly, and Memrise. You don’t need to have language classes to be a fluent speaker, the above apps are the best for every beginner and advanced learner who wants to improve their language and be fluent.

Have you tried any of the above language-learning apps? If yes, then feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment box.

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