How to Send love heart Screen effect iMessage on iPhone, iPad, Mac

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Tech giant Apple brought iMessage Screen effects additive in its massive software update. Its software update always moves from time to time, like added Portrait Mode for iPhone. New Screen effects for iMessage are called “Love with heart’’ and ‘’Celebration.’’ Hence, iPhone users have a total of Eight full-screen effects to send in the iMessage. Echo, SpotlightballoonsConfettiLoveLasersfireworks, and Celebration are available. Let’s see how to Send a love heart Screen effect iMessage on iPhone.

Love/heart screen effect added in (iOS 10.2 or later version)…use it with Valentine’s Day message.

How do I Send a love heart Screen effect iMessage on iPhone?

Following the steps below, you can send a love heart screen effect with iMessage on your iPhone device.

Step 1. Launch the Message App from your iPhone Home screen.

Step 2. Open a contact or group to send Messages with Screen effects.

Step 3. Now type your message in the iMessage text field, then 3D touch (or tap/hold iPhone 6 Plus or older iPhones) on the blue arrow/ send button until the Send with effect screen pops up.

iMessage and screen effects screen on iPhone

Step 4. Tap on the Screen at the top of the display.

Step 5. Now swipe left until you appear the love/heart screen effect to attach with a text message. Then Tap on the blue arrow/send button.

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how do i send romantic love, dil heart with text imessage on iPhone iOS 10.2

That’s it.

This new Love/ heart full-screen effect is the third effect on the iMessage screen effects display. Hence, you will have to swipe the left side twice. Using the same steps given above, you could send celebration screen effects.

Send Message Effect from iPad,

In the same way, you can send different screen effects and Bubble effects from your iPad using iMessage.

Love Effect on iPad iMessage that Send Heart with text message
Love Effect on iPad iMessage that Send Heart with text message

How to Send a love heart Screen Effect on Mac, MacBook with iMessage.

Start Sending love heart Screen Effect via iMessage from your Mac or MacBook. To Use or Send a love heart Screen Effect on Mac, Follow the below steps or Checkout the Video tutorial. (If you cannot use the love/heart screen effect in the “message app,” you must check and update your macOS version.)

Step-1. Open the “Message app” on Mac/MacBook. Go to iMessage Conversation and Start sending iMessage with screen effects. (Open a contact or group to send a message.)

Step-2. Type a Message that you want to wish for special days or a Personal celebration.

Step-3. Now, Click on the App Store icon; next to the Typing box, tap the last option, “Message Effects.”


Step-4. Select your Favorite Screen and Bubble Effect and Send it to The Conversation by clicking on the blue send button icon.


That’s it.

This beautiful love effect is incredible for lovers and husband-wife. Moreover, the lucrative celebration screen effect is good for upcoming festive seasons like Christmas 2023New Year 2024, and future celebration festivals.

Kindly keep in touch with us to get daily more features of iOS adds Emergency SOS on iPhone is also a most important one.

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Let’s Send love heart Screen effect iMessage in iOS 10.2 or later and get enjoy. Liked it shares on Facebook and Twitter. If you feel iMessage screen effects not working after update iOS on iPhone, let me know in the comment box. We will give you the best solution as soon as possible.

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