How to Set a Sleep Timer in Podcasts on iPhone in 2023

In this article, you can learn how to set Podcasts Sleep Timer iOS. Apple’s redesigned podcast app comes up with new fresh rename tabs. So that after update iOS and you launch the Podcast app at a time you will get new tabs (Listen Now, Library, Browse, and Search) with the brand new User interface. Fresh change looks similar to All-new App Store iOS.

Let’s on the main topic that On playing the episode in the past iOS ecosystem podcast app has a sleep timer moon icon at the bottom bar between the share and more tabs. While in an iOS podcast, instead of a snooze timer you can appear a steaming iCon that lets you to the Wirelessly streaming podcast in your home and to listen to podcast episode sound on other bluetooth speakers on louder sound. So defiantly you have a question that where is Sleep Timer for Podcast in iOS?

Perhaps you are experiencing that timed stop in the podcast app gone in iOS. No guys, the sleep timer has never gone but it has been shifted to the other portion. Just follow the given steps and hopefully you able to set a time for the podcast app to stop playing whatever you were listening to. Perfect for going to sleep and a feature that all podcast users used often.

Way to Set a Sleep Timer for Podcast on iPhone Running on latest iOS

  • Step #1. Open the Podcast App on your iPhone home screen.
  • Step #2. Once playing an episode, just swipe up on the now playing bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step #3. Next, you will have to Swipe up one more time, and it reveals the sleep timer to the left side.
iOS 11 new Podcast App to change or Sleep timer when playing episode on iPhone
  • Step #4. Tap on a Sleep Timer, so you get a sheet of various time interval options included
  • (off, in 5 minutes, in 10 minutes, in 15 minutes, in 30 minutes, in 45 minutes, in one hour. And, whenever Current Episode Ends [if you don’t like play next]) like an old Podcast.
tap on Sleep timer on Podcast App iOS 11 to turn on and turn off Podcast asleep time
  • So use Sleep Timer and Enjoy Podcast without worry.

Enjoy this Tip on Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on iPhone [iOS 13 or later]

Also. Let’s get an overview of the new tabs of the Podcast App on iOS 11 or later. In the Library tab, you can do customize Episodes, Shows, Downloaded, etc. Browse tab is new in them you can get featured, Top chart (move inside the Browse tab), Providers and All Categories wise podcasts.

In more: if we talk about lock screen then Podcast playing episode not covers the full screen like happened in iOS 10. You can mute and unmute podcasts on the lock screen and use customize Control Center as well.

Do you find any problems or new changes in the iOS Podcast App? Let’s share it in the comments.

Sleep Timer on HomePod

The biggest challenge now on Apple’s New HomePod (Smart Speaker) that we can use for play music, Listen Podcast, Radio and more. Now Question is, how to Set Sleep Timer on HomePod. Also Read. HomePod Problems and Solution.

Using Siri Commands for turn on Sleep Timer:

set a 15-minute sleep timer” or “stop the music in x minutes

Podcast on HomePod is the major role, Becuase we can Listen to Podcast, Subscribe Podcast, Change Playing Speed of Podcast.

To Pay Podcast on HomePod: Hey Siri, play the podcast name

To Subscribe Podcast: Hey Siri, subscribe to this podcast

Manage Podcast Playing Speed: “Hey Siri, play this faster,” and “Hey Siri, play this slower

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