How to Set Sleep Timer in Apple Music On iPhone 15, 14 (iOS 17)

Is there a sleep timer for Apple Music? Yes Without any third-party apps, we can set the sleep timer for music app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running on the latest iOS and Android. Are you listening to a playlist-made music app and worried about how to stop the song automatically after some time, when you are on a monthly basis at reading time, On Bad for sleep, or at the Time of Exercise and Yoga? Continuously turning the music on iOS device Apple won’t charge you; it’s hence that Apple music subscription on a monthly basis. But due to battery loss, you have to care about it.

Apple’s Music App tip useful for all iPhone and iPad Pro, Air, and Mini users. Hmm, usually approach for iPod.

How to Set a Sleep Timer for a Music App

Step 1: Open the Clock App on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap on Clock app icon to launch clock app to set a sleep timer for Apple Music and beats 1 on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Step 2: Tap the Timer option.

Tap on Timer tab on Clock App to set a sleep timer for Apple Music and beats 1 on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Step 3: Pick a time in hours and minutes from right now. Suppose you want to sleep after 1 and ½ hours then, you have to set 2 hours and 30 minutes and in iOS 11 or later you can also set seconds.

Step 4: Next, Tap on When Timer ends to activate Stop playing time.

Step 5: At the last of all cut-off timer options, You have to choose “Stop Playing.”

set a sleep timer for Apple Music and beats 1 then tap on Stop Playing and tap on Set on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Step 6: Now start time for stop music in the music app after this timer ends. Tap on the Start Green text button.

Tap on Start timer Apple Music and beats 1 then tap on Stop Playing and tap on Set on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Step 7: Next Open the Apple Music app and Play the saved music playlist, The unlimited songs collection list will stop after you set a timer for stopping music on your iOS device, also the music Player is available on the lock screen in push condition.

Now music on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a more dominant form as an Apple Music. Enjoy online music, Offline music, or save as a playlist inside the My Music tab.

Apple music subscriptions are available for individual purposes or Family subscriptions for just $9.99/ month and $14.99/month simultaneously. For first three months from sign up anyone can use free for three months then Apple will charge for it. (So, in that case, you can turn off auto-renewal for apple music).

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Apple Music Sleep Timer Android

Apple music for android also peaceful that use to listen to trending and our favorite songs in all over the world. Simply install Apple Music app from Google Play Store on Android Mobile or Tablet. Sign in with your Existing Apple ID or Create a New Apple ID.

Also Keep installed Android music sleep timer app, Set sleep timer in this app along with apple music playlist. Apple Music Stop playing automatically by end of the timer completes.

1 Sleep Timer for apple music on android

That’s it, Set a sleep timer for a music app on iPhone or another device quite easily, and still, are you facing a problem somewhere in your case? Please share with us in the comment box.

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