How to Fix Siri Not working on Apple TV 4th Generation or ATV 5th Generation

Without Siri working Apple TV is hard to use, here's the fixes to Siri not working on Apple TV 4th Gen and Apple TV 5th Gen. Check them out.

Get everything about to fix Siri not working on Apple TV 4K or ATV 4 generation. The Apple has gone one step further in its Apple TV generation. We are familiar it comes in types of storage space as 32GB and 64 GB Apple TV 4th generations. Luckily the 4th generation much upgraded than past Apple TV 3rd gen; because it supports App Store, Third-party controllers, and Siri. Out of all Apple TV with Siri remote is an important function for new Apple TV users.

We were used Siri on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. Now we use that on Apple TV 4th and 5th generation too. So really, watchers can feel something better than past habit. By, Apple TV Siri feature, you can be performing Search movies and TV Show, Search Apple Music. Albeit, due to Apple’s new Siri Remote technology, some of the folks reporting their issue like Siri not working on Apple TV 4th generation even Apple tvOS developer also faced similar problems. Here we’ll give you useful troubleshooting. Hope these will help you.

Alternative ways to fix Siri not working on Apple TV 4K and ATV 4

How to fix Siri not working on Apple TV 4th generation

1st workaround: Make Confirm where You can use Siri in the world

Siri is currently available on Apple TV 4th generation

In these languages and countries:

  • English (Australia, Canada, UK, US),
  • German (Germany),
  • French (France),
  • Spanish (Spain),
  • Japanese (Japan).*

If you’re from out of the above-listed countries, then please wait until Apple give support in your country. You might also see Siri is disabled and grayed out due to unavailable service in your region.

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Workaround 2nd: Check Siri is turn on mode

Know how to check Siri turn on/ off on your Apple TV 4th gen

Go to SettingsGeneral → Siri, turn it ON.

Hold down the Siri button on your Apple TV Siri Remote, say what you want, and then leave the Siri button.

Workaround 3rd: Check Language and Region Format

On your Apple TV,

Go to settings→ General→ Scroll down the Screen and Check the Language and Region Format.

Workaround 4th: Check your Location

Go to Settings Accounts iTunes and App Store and Check your Location.

After the all above steps correct and you don’t have to fix Siri not working on Apple TV 4th generation. Please share your comment.

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