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Stop auto-Play video in instagram iPhone/ iPad App, Save Data

Instagram is one of the largest platform for sharing Images, Videos with text/ Emojis. New features in that some people wants to avoid due to many sophisticated reasons. One of that features is Stop auto-Play video in instagram, in recent update instagram remove option for manage auto-play video from app settings. If you want on Facebook, Twitter then it’s possible there. So don’t search anywhere because we have no official option for Disable/ Stop auto-Play video in instagram iPhone/ iPad app. Future time we will be update you when option available in next update.

Are you hesitated with consume more data then you expect? Enable Use less data features from App settings.

Steps for Disable/ Stop auto-Play video in instagram from iPhone/ iPad

1 Stop auto-Play video in instagram on iPhone app

1: Open instagram app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Tap on profile icon at bottom/ right corner of the screen, See image below

2 instagram settings app for iPhone and iPad

3: Scroll down, under settings option Find Cellular Data use,

4: Enable Use Less Data.

3 Enable Use Less Cellular Data on instagram settings

Now settings works when you open instagram, image and Video take pre-loading time. Are you interested to watch on screen, wait for play or tap on it for listen audio otherwise video will be played automatically just like GIF image.

Note: Disable auto play video now available for android users. Also Wi-Fi connection bypass this features and not applicable.

Think behind, remove auto-Play video in instagram should be get more views and make visitors more attractive. Behind the scene user reported on online forums and discussion board about they lost 1 to 2 GB data in just two days. But instgram have no option to stop own creativity open all the time when user come to app. Only disable auto-play video on Cellular data allow people to more enjoyment when that on Wi-Fi connection automatically. Keep visiting us, to know more update, Tips from social media app and guide.

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