The Best Apple TV 4K Remote Case 2024 For Sale

Are you looking for a good case for the new Apple Siri remote for the 2021 Apple tv? The New Apple tv 4k remote is a thicker look, has a nice silicone surface wrapped around the remote, and does not come with glass material.

But to prevent your Apple tv Siri remote from damage (drop and crack), allows unfettered access to the Siri button, plus doesn’t interfere with the click pad, you must have good grips for the Remote. So here’s the best collection of the Siri Remote Case cover 2021 that you should buy.

Do you need a case for the new Siri remote 2021?

Yes, the Remote case is better than the Coverless Apple tv remote. However, I would suggest a case too that works without any control issues (such as a very skipping function).

Does the previous generation Apple TV Case fit with the new 2021 series remote for the Apple TV?

No, The previous generation Apple TV Remote does not fit the new 2021 Siri Remote. Because a new Siri remote 2021 is a bit longer. You will have to buy a new Remove case; you can pick from the given bottom list.

Pros of Apple TV Remote Case Cover

  • Remote seems slippery without a case after years- So Remote provides a bit more grip.
  • Provides protection against scratch up on the back of the Apple tv remote if you put it on a hard surface.

The Best Apple TV 4K 6th gen remote cases Cover For Sale

Remote case covers are very crucial to protect our phones and TV remote case covers. Today we compile 9 products which shall help protect cases in all shapes and sizes. 

Elago R5 Locator Case

The Elago R5 Locator Case is compatible with the 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote and Apple AirTag. You can slip the Apple locator inside the case, and you will never lose your remote again. Furthermore, the case is made of excellent silicone to protect your remote from accidents and other common mishaps. Additionally, the R5 Smart Locator Case enables you to connect to all of the remote’s features, ensuring that you can enjoy the best of it all. This attachment was created just for the Apple TV Siri Remote 2021. Moreover, the silicone coating provides excellent grip, reducing the likelihood of drops. Finally, the lanyard attachment enables the remote to attach to the wrist, lowering the risk of an accident even further. 

WaLGRHFR Protective case

Apple TV 4K 2021 Remote Control Case has a thick layer of premium silicone that safeguards your Apple TV remote from falls and other malfunctions from daily use. It’s anti-slip, anti-dust, and shock-proof, so it’ll keep you safe. However, if you’ve ever used an APPLE TV remote, you’ll know that it’s delicate, difficult to find, and costly to fix. You may avoid all of these problems by investing in protection early. You may avoid all of these problems by investing in protection early.

Soft Silicone Case Remote Cover

This one is perfectly compatible with Apple TV 4K (5th Generation) and Siri Remote 4th Generation. Not just this, it is made up of materials of very superior quality. It is of high-quality organic silicon ecologically sound, recyclable, smooth and light, and has a solid texture that prevents your remote control from slipping and effectively protects it. For those concerned, if it is skin-friendly, don’t worry since it is. It is of RoHS-certified environmentally friendly silicone that is safe for your pets, children, and families.

Moreover, it also provides comprehensive protection. This cover provides optimum protection for your remote control by covering the rear end and edges, preventing it from cracking and scratching. It has only the silicone protective cover for the remote control, not any remote control.

Abby’s Anti-Lost Case

Ergonomic design and state-of-the-art quality materials are applied to create an anti-drop feature. A thicker design enhances the product’s durability. According to testing reports, it can safeguard the Siri Remote if dropped from a height of 3 meters. Made of high-quality, ecologically friendly organic silicon that is washable, smooth, and lightweight, and has a smooth surface to prevent slipping and adequately preserve your remote control. Like the previous product, this case is of RoHS certified environmentally friendly silicone wouldn’t pose a risk to anybody.

Additionally, dual ventilation will prove to be of help as well. The design looks overall better because of the gamepad feature. Custom-made to fit your hands perfectly so you can play your favorite game with optimal control and comfort. If the remote goes missing, the Apple Airtag may be inserted into the Case, making it the easiest to locate the remote control.

Glow Green Remote Case Cover

This glitzy cover is suitable for the new Apple 4K TV Series 6 Gen and Siri Remote Control 2021. This easy-to-spot remote control comes with its own set of colorful variations. It is easily installable. After installing, you will get full access to all buttons, ports, and functionalities which provide the most comfortable grip. For a better signal, you can drill a hole on the topside. For convenient charging, there’s a buttonhole as well. The cover protects your remote from slipping, breaking, scratching, and accumulating dust with a soft and lightweight rubber slim sleeve that is also washable. The fluorescent green case only shines in the dark after being exposed to light.

Black Remote Cover

It works with the new Apple 4K TV Series 6 Gen and Siri Remote Control Version 2021. Although it comes in full black color, its functionalities provide the most satisfactory gripping experience. Once you set it up, you will have full access to all buttons and ports. This cover protects your remote from slipping, breaking, scratching, and accumulating dust with a soft and lightweight rubber slim sleeve that is also washable. It has a buttonhole for simple charging and a topside hole for non-obstruction of a signal. 

Rainbow Case

The Apple TV Siri Remote 2021 is compatible with this remote cover. Upgraded Unique Radian Designed voice button, quickly push down the power button, and particularly honey combination form are all designed to provide the most incredible hand feel. Before placing an order, make sure you know what sort of remote you have. Made of excellent silicone, it protects all edges and corners of the remote, preventing it from slipping, breaking, scratching, or becoming misplaced. Washable, anti-slip, anti-dust, shock-resistant, and anti-slip are simple to hold, install, and remove. The warranty is for one year. Slim and elegant. It restores the Apple TV remote’s design and ensures optimum security. Of course, a more secure grip on the remote is essential. 

Finite Protective Case

The Apple TV Siri Remote 2021 has been built just for this cover. It has entire access and support to all ports, buttons, and functions, thanks to special cutting on the case. You will be able to use the functions of the remote efficiently. It is kids-friendly and lightweight, with optimal protection, anti-slip, anti-dust, shock-proof, and washable properties. The cover is of silicone material that looks like rubber and has a matte appearance. The honeycomb pattern provides a terrific in-hand feel. In addition, the package has the Fintie Protective Case. 

Sithon Silicon Case

All buttons, ports, and functionalities are easily accessible thanks to precision cut-outs. Slip the Siri Remote into the case for installation. It is of high-quality silicone- both sturdy and soft, ideal for pets, children, and families. It also provides excellent grip and drops protection. The anti-slip silicone substance prevents the remote from slipping and becoming lost. If you’ve ever used an Apple TV Siri remote (2nd gen), you know how fragile, difficult to locate, and expensive it is to replace. You may eliminate all of these problems by using this SIPHON remote controller enclosure. It is the perfect present for Apple TV Siri 2021 remote-wielding friends and family.

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