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Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Health is more important in your life; I am sharing the best health fitness Apps iOS for your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. All top health fitness apps, iOS is compatible with all Apple devices. Here you can find the direct download link and the price tag of each iOS app. So don’t miss any of these best iOS apps for health, because millions of Apple device users are using below iOS App.

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Apple iPhone has a free health app that stores data, for instance, steps counting, stand hours, running + walking, sleep hours, etc. Even though sometimes the iPhone health app not working don’t worry until it fixes you can try these best health and fitness apps for your iPhone and iPad for the year 2020.

What is the Best Fitness Tracker App for iPhone?

#1. RunKeeper- GPS Running Tracker for iPhone (Free, $9.99/mo)RunKeeper Running Tracker App for iPhone

What is the best free exercise app? The answer is RunKeeper, Running is the first step against fitness, whoever wants to begin their journey of fitness, Running comes first. RunKeeper constantly keeps track of routine exercise, progress throughout the day, walking, biking, skiing, hiking, and many other activities on the go. Customize the app to listen to what the app wants to guide you like Distance, Pace, Apple Music, Spotify, and others.

The app thoroughly works with Apple Watch to track the stats, other fitness trackers like Garmin, Fitbit, etc. At the end of the day, you can check the roads on which you have walked, I think many people would like to see their tracks around the day.

Download from here: RunKeeper – GPS Running Tracker

#2. Strava: Run, Ride, Swim (Free, $5.99/mo)Strava Swim Tracker App iOS

Is there a free fitness app? Strava is the one, though you can find in-app purchase for advanced features. Strava is an ideal fitness app for cycling or any other sport based on two-wheels. Nevertheless, it also works great with Running, and Swimming, but most of the people use it to track the activities like Cycling. This is the perfect fitness app to prepare for Marathon or another challenge, just enable the GPS and open the Strava app, and watch how well you are performing and how much effort, need to make to achieve the goal.

It works with various sports like Swimming, Yoga, Rock Climb, Crossfit, Kayak, Hiking, and more. The app is free to download, but also includes in-app purchases for more serious workouts. Moreover, it also described how much calories burned for the particular workout, if you are more conscious about calories and nutrition diet, check the best Nutrition Diet Apps for iPhone.

Download from here: Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

#3. Fitbod Weight Lifting Workout (Free, 3.99/mo)Free Fitness Tracking App iPhone

Fitbod Fitness App for iOS is entirely controlled by the user, simply select the exercise, then set your goal, set workout time, and lastly based on your records, the app will make the workout plan. Besides, you may find the training videos and written stuff on how to become an expert in activities like weightlifting, running, and more.

The Fitbod app is made and certified by the personal trainer to assure, whoever is following the app to accomplish the fitness goal is not wasting time.

Download from here: Fitbod Weight Lifting Workout

#4. Fitness Point (Free, $9.99/mo)Track Fitness with Fitness Point

You don’t need a personal trainer or a gym to go when Fitness Point app is installed on your iPhone. The Fitness Point supports mostly the common exercise for free, but to explore more fitness you need to go Pro, and of course, spending a few bucks on Fitness Point is worth it when you are health freak. Set your personal workouts, goals to lose weight or to gain, to gain muscle and others by choosing quick options.

A few more key features of this app are, burned calorie count, iCloud backup, works with Health app, Voice feedback, and much more.

Download from here: Fitness Point

#5. Fitocracy – Fitness Collective (Free, $4.99/mo)Fitocracy Fitness Tracking at Home for iPhone

Fitocracy’s easy to use interface is the reason behind the answer when someone asks what is the best health app for iPhone? It will keep occupied and motivated by allowing you to compete with the Fitocracy’s community and always help you end up the day well. The bonus feature lets you import and export the RunKeeper’s data, I don’t think any other fitness app is available with this ability.

The premium version of Fitocracy will cost you $4.99/mo and $44.99/year, first use the basic version, if you find it helpful, go for the Pro.

Download from here: Fitocracy – Fitness Collective

#6. HealthTap (Free)Health App for iPhone

In a list of best health fitness apps iOS, this is the best application for Human Health. You can get about 50,000 real doctor questions and answered in 135 specialists who contribute to the discussion. Moreover, the application has everything, from daily health tips to a doctor database.

The best part? It’s free! So take a virtual trip to the physician’s office and improve your health from home. The HealthTap App is compatible with the latest iOS devices, as well as an Apple Watch.

Download from here: HealthTap

#7. First Aid: American Red Cross (Free)

First Aid App by American Red Cross

This app gives real information to overcome small incidents in our everyday life. Saving a life is everyone’s wish, this is a very elegant app for life sever. I wish too that Everyone should know first aid because it’s the first requirement when people injured in emergency time. But it’s not possible every people know First aid.

First Aid: American Red Cross is an easy-to-use emergency guide .this all information provided by the experts and old and largest voluntary organizations.

Download from here: First Aid: American Red Cross

#8. Sleep Talk Recorder (Free, $3.99)Sleep Talk Recorder for iOS

Sleep talk Recorder is one of the best apps for you; then it’s much use for you. You know many people in the world speak during his/her sleep time, but there is no one there to hear those speeches. According to, analysis of the American Academy of sleep medicine Report 45 to 50 percent of children and 5 percent of an adult can talk in their sleep.

Either you one of them or you want to check it that you speak or not during your sleep time. Then there is a way to check what I’m saying.

As well you can find out about it what your child speaks during the night-time. And it’s recording in your sleep talk recorder apps with easy playback and navigation too. Last you can share your jolly audio with your friends on Whatsapp or Twitter or Facebook.

Download from here: Sleep Talk Recorder

#9. Lumosity (Free, $14.99/mo)Lumosity Track Fitness in iOS

Lumosity is a compelling app for your brain logic activity improvement. It’s designed by neurologists to work out to your brain intelligence.

You can save in apps your customized experience, and you can track the progress of your brain profile. Finally, a game of your phone is made you smarter.

Download from here: Lumosity

#10. Daily Cardio Workout ($3.99)

Daily Cardio Workout for iPhone

Now a day many people spend more time sitting on the condition. Like watching TV, Internet surfing, Computer-related Jobs. Therefore many people sought his/her back pain. For those, Daily Cardio Workout is recommended as it offers 5 to 10 minutes of videos and 28 exercises everything can be operated without the need for internet connection.

Our bodies usually don’t get the exercise they need. This application is given benefit to us. As a storyline, the routes you’ve chosen to get from place to place will highlight on a map.

Download from here: Daily Cardio Workout

After Read this post, use at list one of In a list of best health fitness apps iOS for your bright life.

Conclusion: From the above list of greatest health fitness apps iOS you can use any of them. From the above list, I am sure that you found the most awesome Health fitness apps iOS.

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