Top 5 best health fitness apps iOS for in daily life routine:Healthy tips

Health is more important in your life, I am sharing best health fitness apps iOS for your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Below All top health fitness apps iOS are compatible in all apple devices. Here you can find direct download link and price tag of each iOS app. So don’t miss none of these best iOS apps for health, because millions of Apple device users are using below iOS app.

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Best health fitness apps iOS – Make your health fit and fine

Health Tap (Free)

In a list of best health fitness apps iOS, this is the best application for human Health. You can get about 50,000 real doctor questions and answered in 135 specialists who contribute to discussion. Moreover, the application has everything, from daily health tips to a doctor database.

best health - fitness apps iOS
health tap apps

The best part? It’s free! So take a virtual trip to the doctor’s office and improve your health from home.

Pocket First Aid & CPR($1.99)

this app gives real information about life Sever. Save life is a verse of every one, this is a very elegant app for life sever. i wish to that Everyone should have knowledge of first aid Because it’s first requirement when people injure in emergency time. But it’s not possible every people have knowledge of First aid. First aid & CPR is an easy-to-use emergency guide .this all information provide by American heart association and old and largest voluntary organization. It’s not need to use Pocket First Aid & CPR daily , but it may be glad for you in future.

first aid apps - Best iOS fitness Apps
first aid apps

Sleep Talk Recorder ($0.99)

Sleep talk Recorder is one of the best apps for you, if you use iOS device then it’s much useful for you.

You know many people of the world speak during his/her sleep time but there is no one there to hear those speak. According to, analysis of American academy of sleep medicine Report 45 to 50 percent children and 5 percent adult can talk in their sleep. Either are you one of them or you want to check it that I’m talk or not during my sleep time. Then there is a way for check what I’m saying.

best health fitness apps iOS

As well you can find out it what your child speak during the night-time .And it’s recording in your sleep talk recorder apps with easily playback and navigation too.

Last you can share your jolly audio with your friends on Whatsapp or Twitter or Facebook

Lumosity (Free)

Lumosity is a very powerful apps for your brain logic activity improvement. It’s designed by neurologists to work out to your brain intelligence. You can save in apps your customize experience and you can track progress of your brain profile. Finally game of your phone is made you more smarter .

lumosity health apps
lumosity health apps

Moves (Free)

Now a day many people spend more time in sitting condition. Like a watching TV, Internet surfing, Computer related Job. Therefore many people sought for his/her back pain. Our bodies usually don’t get the exercise they need. This application is give benefit to us. as a storyline the routes you’ve chosen to get from place to place will be highlighted on a map.

Move health apps - Best Fitness Apps for Apple
Move health apps
Move health apps - Fitness Apps for iOS
Move health apps








After Read this post, use at list one of In a list of best health fitness apps iOS for your bright life.

Conclusion: From the above list of  greatest health fitness apps iOS you can use any of them. From the above list I am sure that you found greatest Health fitness apps iOS. So don’t miss to share which is mostly liked you with your friends in below comment box. Thank for visiting, God bless to you with best wish of your health fitness.


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