WiFi and Bluetooth not working on iPhone after iOS 17.3.1 Update

Do you embarrassed by the daily wear and tear of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth issues? Like iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi or bluetooth, iPad dropping Wi-Fi or bluetooth, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi won’t turn on, bluetooth/Wi-Fi Dropping or Disconnecting itself, and more. Then you are at the right place, and probably your problem will be resolved after trying fixes. There are several reasons behind Wi-Fi disconnects randomly, and it won’t turn on; if your device contains malware, then it might be a reason, or if you haven’t updated the device, then we can call it an iOS bug. Mind it! The new iPhone required a WiFi connection to get all data automatically and set it up correctly. That also prevents Celluar Data charges.

I have seen many iPhone and iPad users reporting this bug, and I hope their issue gets solved after reading this post. If your iPhone faces difficulty connecting to the Wi-Fi, follow the listed measures. So I would also suggest you follow this article and try to eliminate the iPhone Wi-Fi dropping issue.

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Troubleshooting for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues

Problem 1: iPhone/iPad not connecting to Wi-Fi

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Most people have updated their iPhone, iPad to iOS 17 or later. Some of them are enjoying its latest features, and few are dealing with the latest bugs. One of the most stated bugs is iPhones & iPad not connecting to Wi-Fi. So, check the below steps and try to solve this.

Solution #1: Examine your Router

Before going in-depth, let’s begin with the basics. Connect other devices to the same router, and if they are getting connected to that router, then the issue is with your iPhone and shows an error, then replace or repair the router.

Solution #2: Verify that Wi-Fi enabled on iPhone

Check whether Wi-Fi is enabled or not,

  1. Go to “Settings” App
  2. Click on Wi-Fi.
    If you are connected to any network, it will display as Connected under that network.

Solution #3: Enter password if required

If you did not set any password for the Wi-Fi network, then open Wi-Fi “Settings” and tap on that network to connect. Or else when you tap on that network, you have to enter the correct password, or else it will show an error like iPhone can’t connect to this network or Wrong password.

Solution #4: Check all the cables connected to the router or modem

Check both RJ-45 pin/Ethernet pin and its cable. If you find any defect in them, contact customer service. Alongside this, check whether your router is connected to a modem or not. Even if this doesn’t work, then go to the next workaround.

Solution #5: Restart iPhone, iPad, and router/modem

Restarting all the devices will fix all the small bugs and errors.

How to restart iPhone/iPad

Get here how to Restart iPhone.

How to Restart Router and Modem

Unplug all the cables which are connected to them for around 15 minutes and connect back again.
Now check again whether it is working or not. If not, then try the next clue.

Solution #6: Reset Network Settings

This is an ideal clue to fix iPhone Bluetooth and WiFi not working simultaneously. Resetting Network Settings will clean up all your Wi-Fi passwords, cellular Settings, and VPN/APN settings.

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Scroll to “General
  3. Scroll to the end part, choose Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Click on “Reset
  5. Choose “Reset Network Settings”.

Now turn on the Wi-Fi on iPhone iPad and connect it to the network.

Problem 2: Wi-Fi won’t turn on

Some of iPhone users had recently reported that Wi-Fi won’t turn on after the iOS update iPhone.And if you belong to those who are stuck in this issue, look below troubleshoots.

Solution #1: Update the iPhone

Go to Settings and check if any new update is available for your iPhone and if it is updated as soon as possible. It can fix the bug if it is software related.

Step 1: Launch “Settings” and open “General”.
Step 2: Scroll down and tap on “Software Update”.

Solution #2: Reset Network Settings

If in the case above fix doesn’t work for you then try to reset the Network Settings of your iPhone or iPad.

It will clean up all of your Wi-Fi passwords, VPN, and APN settings. you can follow the reset network settings steps mentioned above.

Solution #3: Hard Restart iPhone

After trying both the above fixes still the problem isn’t solved then shut down the iPhone for a few minutes.

Press and hold the side key and home button at the same time until apple logo arrives on the screen on iPhone 7/7 Plus and Earlier, For iPhone X/8/8+ Get how to restart or Hard Reboot.

Solution #4: Restore the iPhone to its factory settings

It is tough for anyone to wipe out all the data on the iPhone. But still, none of the above measures worked you have to do this. Take a backup to save your data. iTunes and iCloud are two alternatives for backup your iPhone.  However, you cannot use iCloud as Wi-Fi won’t show up, so go for iTunes. After backup, follows the steps.

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. Tap on “General”.
  3. Scroll the screen to “Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Choose “Erase all Contents and Settings.”

Now follow the on-screen instructions.

Solution #5: Reset Your Router

If iPhone iPad still continues to show errors like disconnecting randomly or Wi-Fi won’t show. Then Reset the router by unplugging the cable for at least 10 minutes and then connect the cable.

Problem 3: iPhone keeps dropping Wi-Fi

iPhone keeps dropping Wi-Fi, so you must ensure that the iPhone is in the range of Wi-Fi routers. If it is in range and you are still stuck with the same, try these tips to fix dropping issues.

Solution #1: Diagnose the Wi-Fi router

Diagnosing means trying to connect other devices to the same network and still showing the same error, then contacting the internet service provider (ISP).

Solution #2: Renew Lease

On your iPhone or iPad,

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. choose “Wi-Fi”.
  3. Click on the info (i) icon on your Wi-Fi network.
  4. On the DHCP screen at the bottom, click on the “Renew Lease”.

Solution #3: Forgot the network

When you click on Forgot the Network, it will remove all the data related to that Wi-Fi network, including the Wi-Fi password.

  1. Launch “Settings
  2. Click on Wi-Fi.
  3. Please tap on the (i) info icon next to the connected network or not connecting to the wi-fi network.
  4. Now tap on “Forgot this Network.”

Problem 4: Wi-Fi or internet is slow

Some users said that the internet is much slower even though the web page is taking time to load.

  • Fix 1: The most common reason behind slow speed is how many devices are connected to the router. As the number of devices increases, the speed gets distributed among them, and you will get slow speed on the iPhone.
  • Fix 2: Online, you can check the speed of your connection, as promised, whether the service provider is providing the speed or not.
  • Fix 3: Run other devices on the same network and see if they have the same common problem.
  • Fix 4: Shut down the router and modem or both for a few minutes. Start the modem first and, after that router.
  • Fix 5: Restart the iPhone iPad and then check the connection speed. Besides this, you can check the speed on other iDevices.

Method 5: Fix Wi-Fi slow issue

Fix 1: Update the iPhone iPad.

Fix 2: Reset the Network settings.

Fix 3: Modify default DNS to Google DNS

Step 1: In Settings, open Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Tap on the info and click on “DNS.”

Step 3: Delete the DNS, enter another DNS,, and then connect to the network.

Fix 4: Disable WMM, Q0S, and MMS on a network router.

Fix 5: Switch the wireless channel between 11,1 and 6.

Fix 6: Force close all the applications.

Problem 6: iPhone iPad Unable to join the network.

If your iPhone is unable to join the network, then I have some potential solutions which can work out this problem.

Fix 1: Verify that Wi-Fi is turned on.

Fix 2: Restart the router, unplug the power cable for at least 1 minute, and then plug it back.

Fix 3Reboot iPhone iPad.

Fix 4: Forgot the Network.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and open Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Click on the info on your Wi-Fi network and then tap on forgot the network.

Contact the Apple Support team

After trying this many troubleshooting tips, if the problem is not solved, then contact the technical team of Apple. After trying so many methods, the problem must get solved unless it is related to hardware.

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