How to Fix Windows 11 Not Connecting to iPhone Hotspot?

1 Personal Hotspot won't connect to windows from iPhone Disconnecting and Dropping

Techniques to turn on WiFi on your Laptop using iPhone’s personal hotspot is same for all iPhone models but still, most of the people are failed to connect your iPhone to Laptop via personal hotspot. Find and Fix what are the reasons behind unable to turn WiFi on Laptop using personal hotspot. Your Laptop’s WiFi showing connecting and Your iPhone’s personal Hotspot Dropping out & Disconnecting itself.

We can say this is an Expert solution that works 100% success not for me only but also helped my close friend that working with me in the office.

Fix issues of my Laptop Won’t connect to iPhone Hotspot

1 Personal Hotspot won't connect to windows from iPhone Disconnecting and Dropping

Forgot WiFi password on Laptop or Mac

By Default Windows system save your WiFi password after you successfully connect on the first time. After that, you don’t need to remember or type the password for the future time. This is plus point for quick use or switch other available WiFi lists.

The Bad thing is that when we change WiFi password here change personal hotspot password on iPhone. Laptop trying to connect with old password saved in your Windows system.

Here’s the key solution

Forgot saved WiFi password from your Windows Laptop or Desktop. Steps to forgot or reset WiFi password changed from Windows 7, Windows 8 to Windows 10.

Windows 10, Go to “WiFi icon” in Bottom Status bar > “Network Settings (Click on WiFi)” > “Manage WiFi Settings” > See “Manage known Networks” > Click on “network name” > Press “Forgot” button.

Windows 8 and Windows 7, Press “Windows Key + R” to open run window. Type and Click on Ok button. See “WiFi card” > Right click on it, From “Drop-Down menu” > “Status” > In “General, Wireless Properties” > See “Network Security Key” [Remove it and type your password]. Now Click on “Ok” to save it.

Mac: review WiFi configurations in WiFi network preference, Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > network [WiFi and Change or Update old one].

That’s it

Also, Change Personal hotspot password on your iPhone.

Now Connect your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot to Laptop windows

Turn on Personal Hotspot on iPhone, Go to the “Settings app” > “Cellular Data or Mobile Data” > “Personal Hotspot” > “Turn on” (See your Desired password for connecting your iPhone to nearby Laptop)

Rescan or check your iPhone in a list of nearby WiFi networks. Click on your iPhone’s name and Enter Personal hotspot password.

Click on Connect button for use personal hotspot on a laptop.

That’s it.

Read my past tutorial on Personal Hotspot problems,

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