How to Turn Off/Hide Message Preview on iPhone Lock Screen iOS 16.5

1 Unhide or Hide Message Preview on lock screen iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Enjoy impressive custom features and settings for all incoming messages, Notification alert previews on the lock screen. In people are using Disable/ Enable Quick reply on the lock screen, Only preview on the lock screen but not reply, Get notification but not text body, or completely disable notification for apps like (Message App, WhatsApp, and many other social and chat apps). Raise to wake on lock screen might be trouble to you while you are traveling, or an unknown place. Because of lock screen automatically view-able to any person around you.

Also, are you trying to fix?: your message showing “Text Message” in the body on your lock screen then Enable Preview for notification on the lock screen. See my screen,

Steps for Disable/ Hide Message Preview on Lock Screen iPhone/iPad

1 Unhide or Hide Message Preview on lock screen iPhone iPad iPod Touch

1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Next, Find Notifications under (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch) settings app.

3: Scroll down and See “Messages.”

2 Notification Setting on iPhone screen

4: Move to last in the screen, Find Show Previews option.

Under Show Previews > Select “Off.”

3 Disable notification preview on iPhone iPad iPod lock screen

Another Three options are Always, when unlocked we can change it depending on your needs individually for other apps as well.

To completely disable in the notification center, disable the toggle for Show in Notification Center.

Same things for other third-party applications like Mail, Photos we can hide/ Unhide Message preview on locked screen iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch running latest iOS.

After that, you can only see the sender’s name. To see an instant preview after that simply unlock the device and open the notification center by sliding your finger down.

See my iPhone locked/ Unlocked screen below,

I think this is one of the best privacy options, without blocking messages you can manage them on the open screen.

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