How to Turn off/Turn On Do Not Disturb on Snapchat on iPhone, iPad: Manage Notifications

6 Do Not Disturb on iPhone Snapchat in iOS

A disturbance is the biggest issues in the word. That we overcome or stop by taking some action. So Each app has settings that help in customize as you wish. Here’s very beautiful snapchat features that we can try on our any iOS device. Do not disturb stop or unwanted mute notification for that person that is in your chat history and your Friends list.

Let’s quick look the very important guidelines on how to turn off or turn on Do not disturb on Snapchat iPhone and iPad.

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3 Ways: Turn off or Turn on Do Not Disturb on Snapchat iPhone and iPad

6 Do Not Disturb on iPhone Snapchat in iOS

Step 1: Launch the snapchat app on iPhone and iPad.

Step 2: Next, to Click on Friends list (At the bottom right corner of the camera screen, Browse picture). See the friends that in your list.

2 Enable Do Not Disturb on Snapchat iPhone and ipad

Step 3: Now, Force touch on Friend’s name. And See the list that all are on your list.

2 Turn on Do Not Disturb on iPhone in iOS

Step 4: You will see the below screen, with Setting options for the single user only.

Tap on settings to expand the list. On of them the important option is Do Not Disturb.

Tap on it.

Turn off Do Not Disturb in a Snapchat app on iPhone/iPad

Follow the steps up to 3, Find “Turn on Notifications” option and Tap on it.

5 Turn on Do Not Disturb Snapchat on iPhone

Snapchat Global Notification settings

You are looking for Turn off Notification for the Snapchat app. Open the Snapchat app on iPhone/iPad.

1 Snapchat Settings on iPhone and iPad

Launch the Snapchat app on iPhone/iPad. Tap on Profile icon > Settings.

1 Snapchat Notification Settings on iPhone and iPad

Scroll down and find Notifications. See the different notification settings like Stories from Friends, Friends Suggestions, Snap of you, Memories.

Turn off or Block snapchat notifications from iPhone

Go the Settings app from your iPhone/iPad.

Next, Find the Notifications > Scroll down to the Snapchat app in the list.

3 Snapchat Notifications settings on iOS

Now, the First toggle is for Turn on or Turn off Notification for the Snapchat app.

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