Best Whiteboard Animation Software for Mac in 2024 (Free + Paid)

Whiteboard animation has evolved as an effective medium for communicating complicated ideas, engaging audiences, and simplifying communication. Whether you’re a teacher, marketer, or content creator, selecting the finest whiteboard animation software is critical for bringing your ideas to life. Selecting the correct whiteboard animation software can significantly impact your capacity to engage, educate, and inform your visitors successfully in this digital age, where visual storytelling is key.

In this article, we have researched in depth and made a list of the best whiteboard animation software to cater to various needs.

Top Paid and Free Whiteboard Animation Software for Mac & Windows

1. Pencil2D Animation

Pencil2D Whiteboard Animation Software
Pencil2D Animation

Pros of using Pencil2D Animation:

  • It is easy to use for beginners and advanced users, both
  • Intuitive interface and minimal design
  • It also has free tutorials to learn

Price = Free 

Pencil2D is your dream come true if you’re a budding artist or animator. This is one of the best Whiteboard Animation Software free; it’s also open for commercial use! You can seamlessly move between raster and vector workflows while sketching, inking, and painting a breeze. Plus, it works fine with Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. Want to bring traditional animations to life? You can even perform image rotation with background layers. It also has free tutorials to kickstart your animation journey; if you are looking for a lightweight and hand-drawing animation tool, then this software does wonders. 

2. Renderforest

Renderforest Whiteboard Animation Software

Pros of using Renderforest:

  • It offers over 1,000 whiteboard scenes
  • You can use the free plan with 500 MB of free storage
  • Create logos and add colors to images

Price = starts from $9.99 to $49.99

Renderforest is the ultimate marketing wizard that helps you boost your online presence with captivating brand awareness. Whether you’re into animations, cartoons, or whiteboard creations, Renderforest has got you covered. The best part? There’s a free plan for budget-conscious creators! Plus, it’s browser-based software, so you don’t need to download or install anything. With a treasure trove of over 1,000 ready-to-use whiteboard animation scenes, customizing is very easy. Moreover, this software is definitely a one-stop shop for all your video marketing needs, from eye-catching promotional videos to top-notch intros, outros, music visualizations, and beyond.

3. Doodly 

Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software

Pros of using Doodly:

  • It has custom draw paths and voice record
  • Compatible with windows and mac both
  • It offers a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy 

Price = starts from $49 to $79

Doodly is your creative partner for crafting captivating content that leaves a positive impact. It’s not just easy to use; it’s your ticket to drawing really cool stuff that entertains and engages your audience. With Doodly, you can create animations on whiteboards, greenboards, and even glassboards. Select from a variety of hand types spanning genders and ethnicities. Just click, drag, and watch Doodly automatically bring your images to life. What’s more, their Smart Draw feature lets you add your images, giving them a natural, hand-drawn feel. You can also sync your custom voiceovers effortlessly and export your masterpiece in various resolutions. And here’s the cherry on top: Doodly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee!

4. Mango Animate

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software
Mango Animate

Pros of using Mango Animate:

  • It offers a free version
  • It comes with lots of pre-made character templates
  •  Convert your text to speech in animation

Price = starts from $59 to $199

Mango Animate is a top-tier whiteboard video maker that allows you to seamlessly convey your complex messages with style. It’s packed with a treasure trove of customized templates, making you look like a pro in no time. Plus, you’ve got a diverse selection of hand types, action skeleton structures, and motion templates at your fingertips. Fine-tune the details with comprehensive clothing, skin color, and facial expression tools. And it doesn’t stop there – you can import PNG and PSD files, access an accessory library, import audio and video in a snap, and even control character positions with Inverse Kinematics (IK). 

5. Filmora

Filmora Whiteboard Animation Software

Pros of using Filmora:

  • Perfect for creating explainer and presentation videos
  • It allows you to create your own custom graphics, images, and icons
  • It comes with advanced editing features

Price = starts from $49.99 to $79.99

Filmora Pro is the ultimate Whiteboard explainer video software for creating captivating whiteboard animation videos, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner. It has an intuitive interface and decent design to craft engaging content. You can make amazing explainer videos, presentations, and tutorials with Filmora Pro’s whiteboard animation feature. It has a plethora of editing tools, including motion tracking, assets backup and sync, auto beat sync preset templates, keyboard shortcuts, and AI smart cutout. You’ve also got advanced audio editing at your fingertips, allowing easy adjustments for sound effects, music, and voiceovers. To add that extra touch, Filmora Pro offers a vast library of images and icons for crafting custom graphics in your whiteboard animations. 

6. Doratoon

Doratoon Whiteboard Animation Software

Pros of using Doratoon:

  • You can also use the free version to use multiple features
  • Reliable and useful app
  • It consists of a vast media library to fulfill all animation needs

Price = starts from $4.00 to $19.00

Doratoon is the go-to whiteboard animation software for beginners looking to easily create stunning videos. Its user-friendly design and intuitive interface help users dive right in. With a vast library of pre-built templates, creativity flows effortlessly. You’ve got access to an extensive media library offering limitless creative options. The AI Intelligent Dubbing feature takes your videos to the next level. Doratoon has a stunning 8000 actions and facial expressions, adding depth to your animations. What’s more, you can transform PowerPoint presentations into engaging whiteboard video animations in a snap. With Doratoon, making captivating content is a breeze!

7. VideoScribe 

VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software

Pros of using VideoScribe: 

  • It includes a vast collection of background textures and design categories
  • You get help from the support team in case of any confusion or issue
  • Easy export of definition video without degrading quality

Price = starts from $10.62 to $25.96

VideoScribe is an excellent solution for beginners who want to produce spectacular whiteboard animation videos quickly and easily. Your videos will stand out with various background textures and 13 hand designs, including a bizarre monster hand. The large image library of over 6000 images and wide range of categories, ranging from animals to designs, allows your imagination to go wild. Image customization options provide a personal touch. Furthermore, with built-in voice-over recording, adding narration is a breeze. Moreover, you can also make your animations stand out by exporting your work in high-definition quality. 

8. Adobe Animate CC

Adobe AnimateCC Whiteboard Animation Software
Adobe AnimateCC

Pros of using Adobe Animate CC:

  • Easy and perfect program to use for beginners
  • It includes stunning Adobe products to unleash creativity
  • It has an active community to learn and explore more

Price = starts from $29 to $330(price may vary from educational plan to business plan)

Adobe Animate is the precise software if you love animation control. With a robust timeline, it offers total mastery over keyframes and seamless sound integration. Its intuitive toolset features buttons, actions, ActionScript scripting, video and audio embedding, rich text, and raster graphics capabilities. You’re not limited to a single platform either; Adobe Animate exports animations to HTML5, Flash, WebGL, and various video formats. The added bonus? It plays well with other Adobe products, simplifying cross-program design. It also supports lip synchronization with characters, and thanks to its thriving user community, even newcomers can easily learn Adobe Animate. 

9. TruScribe

TruScribe Whiteboard Animation Software

Pros of using TruScribe:

  • You can draw unique and hand-drawn animation according to your creativity
  • It helps you to create custom graphics 
  • It has advanced video editing features for cropping, trimming, and much more

Price = free

TruScribe is different from other animation software due to its hand-drawn whiteboard animation style, which adds a personal touch to your videos. The best thing is that you can learn from a team of experienced illustrators to create custom visuals and images to bring your text to life. You can easily collaborate with multiple people to work on a single video production at the same time. Trimming and cropping are also available as basic video editing features. Furthermore, recording voiceovers directly within the software simplifies the process of producing high-quality video audio. TruScribe is a versatile application that works on Windows, Mac, and web browsers and is ready to enrich your video-making adventure.

10. VideoJeeves

VideoJeeves Whiteboard Animation Software

Pros of using VideoJeeves:

  • Supports amazing custom artwork and background music
  • It has professional voice-over and SFX
  • Creates HD quality video and offers dedicated support

Price = starts from $499 to $999 (you must get a quote for further customization)

VideoJeeves is a powerful animation software that can help you realize your creative vision. It has an easy-to-use interface and comes with a large library of pre-built templates to achieve animation goals. The software has a variety of hand types and action templates, allowing for fluid character movement. Moreover, it also has various advanced features, such as picture modification, an integrated voice-over recording option, and the ability to export your animations in high-definition resolution. VideoJeeves is a one-stop shop for making compelling explainer films, marketing content, and more, ensuring that your ideas stand out in the world of animation.

#11. TTS Sketch Maker [Text to Speech Whiteboard Video Maker]

Using this, you don’t need to spend money or request your friend to make an animated video. With this beautiful whiteboard animation TTS Sketch Maker you can design whatever you want with no limits.

It is the first whiteboard animation software for Mac and Windows that contains the text-to-speech feature. You can add high-quality videos and pictures while making ads for your business.

Nowadays, whiteboard animation software is the simplest way to promote your business quickly and save money. When you visit the website, you will find some sample videos are available made with TTS Sketch Maker. Around 25 different voices are available in TTS Sketch Maker.

Now you definitely have a question about how to use TTS Sketch Maker; on the website, you will find the tutorial on how to use and make amazing videos.

  • Easy for anyone to create text to speech sketch video
  • High-quality voices, male and female voices
  • Save time and money to make the video
  • You can preview your slide and preview videos
  • Perfect software for sales videos, reviews videos, and video presentation
  • Can’t packed with the bundle of Music so you will have to import from the third-party Music Store.


Whether you’re a totally newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s a tool designed just for you. From open-source gems to premium powerhouses, these applications provide the means to convey ideas effectively and engage your audience with captivating animations. With user-friendly interfaces, extensive libraries, and customization features, the best whiteboard animation software makes it a breeze to craft visual stories. As the demand for visual content increases, these tools are worth trying for every business to create compelling, attention-grabbing animations that leave a lasting impression.

Which one do you find interesting? Let us know in the comment box about free whiteboard animation software that you have used and other thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1. Is Whiteboard animation 2D or 3D?

Whiteboard animation is usually in 2D. It entails drawing and illustrating on a flat white surface to simulate writing and sketching. This technique employs two-dimensional visuals and lacks the depth and intricacy associated with three-dimensional animation.

Q2. Are whiteboard animations effective?

Yes, whiteboard animations can effectively communicate information and entertain audiences. They are frequently used for instructional, commercial, and explanatory objectives, as well as to simplify complicated concepts and boost viewer retention. Their dynamic visual storytelling can make content more memorable and compelling when done correctly.

Q3. How to Make Whiteboard Animation Videos?

You’ll need software like VideoScribe or Explaindio to create whiteboard animation videos. Create a storyboard, write a script, and record a voiceover. Then, using the software, animate the drawings and text while keeping them in rhythm with the story. Add background music and export the video in the format of your choice. Patience and practice are essential.

Q4. How long does it take to make a whiteboard explainer video?

The time it takes to create a whiteboard explanation video depends on its complexity. Simple, brief videos may take a few hours to create, whereas longer, more complex ones may take many days or even weeks. The production timeframe is influenced by factors such as scriptwriting, animation, and editing.

Q5. Are whiteboard videos popular?

Yes, whiteboard videos are widely used in education and marketing. They effectively simplify complex concepts, engage audiences, and increase message retention. Because of their visual storytelling and dynamic visuals, they are a popular choice for organizations, schools, and content providers that want to present information in an entertaining and memorable way.

Q6. Is whiteboard animation easy?

With the correct tools and practice, whiteboard animation is pretty simple. Although dedicated software makes the process easier, it still involves strategy, creativity, and patience. While basic whiteboard animations are simple to create, getting professional-quality results may necessitate more time and skill development.

Q7. What are the disadvantages of whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation has several disadvantages, including the possibility of monotony in lengthier videos, a lack of complexity when compared to 3D animation, and difficulties in generating detailed images. Production can take time, and quality can vary based on artistic ability. Furthermore, it may not be appropriate for all topics or target audiences.


Are you new in your office and want to impress your boss with your presentation? Then Get here is some best Pro and Free whiteboard animation software for Mac and Windows. The whiteboard animation software is beneficial for conveying your message to the audience with and without a watermark. You can add exciting pictures, text, videos, and much more to this animation software to create a quality video without extra knowledge. We hope this article will become helpful for digital marketers and small business owners.

Not only is it used for professional (Youtube) purposes in offices even teachers can use it; students can use it to explain their projects, and you can probably sell ideas by creating a presentation with whiteboard animation software (Some software offers a free trial (not full version). So, without wasting time, look at the easiest, cheapest Free Open source whiteboard animation software.

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