Fix Mac Volume Keys Not Working after Ventura, Sonoma Update

If you face difficulties while adjusting the volume on Mac, don’t worry; you will get the ultimate way to fix Mac volume keys not working (Mute Volume keys F10, Volume decrease F11, and Volume up F12 key) Or By Pressing the Fn Key + F10, F11, F12. in this article. Generally, there are many reasons behind accidently volume keys not working problems like system malfunctioning, keyboard defects, third-party applications, and more.

Hopefully, your Mac’s volume keys start working after trying our tricks. And in case it didn’t, you have to bring a new keyboard or contact Apple Store.

How to fix Mac volume keys not working

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Solution 1: Check the Sound Settings of the Mac

While you test audio, Please Turn off Bluetooth on your Mac if your Apple Mac computer is connecting with nearby Music accessories for Headphones as Output volume.

Before moving to any hard step, ensure the internal sound settings are correctly set.

macOS Ventura & Later: Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > Sound > Output (Select Right Output Speaker).

Select Output Speaker on Mac
Select Output Speaker on Mac

Now, Use F10, F11 & F12 to Control Sound or Use With Fn + F10, F11 and F12.

For macOS Monterey and earlier users: Head to the Apple logo top menu bar > System Preferences > Sound > Output tab.


Make sure the Mute option isn’t enabled next to the Output Volume. Choose the Speaker as Output speaker from the same window, and if you’re using a Mac speaker, then the Internal Speaker must be selected.

If any wireless headphones or speaker is connected to the Mac, it will appear in the Output tab. Still no response? Disconnect all the peripherals from the Mac and then see the Sound works.

Solution 2: Reboot Your Mac

Restarting your Mac can help you fix the normal bugs and software issues, click on the Apple logo > Restart.

Solution 3: Check the Keyboard Settings

If Mac volume buttons become irresponsive, then it might be possible by mistake, someone has changed the keyboard settings on your Mac. So take a look before trying any other thing.

On MacOS Ventura or later:-

1→ Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings.

System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac

2→ Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts…


3→ Select Function keys and Make sure use “Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys“. otherwise, you can access the Function key nation with Fn key.


4→ That’s it.

On macOS Monterey & Earlier:-

1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Preferences > Keyboard.

2→ Check whether the option like Use all F1, F2…Etc keys as function keys are enabled or not.


3→ If you find that this option is enabled, then disable it. Otherwise, use Fn Key, While using F1, F2, F3, and F10 [Mute/Unmute], F11 [Volume Lavel Down] and F12 [Volume Lavel UP] for Volume control.

Add Volume Shortcut in Control Strip on Touch Bar MacBook

If your Mac has a touch bar and wants to customize the Control Strip with App control on Mac or system control like Volume Up and Volume Down, Mute. Follow the Below steps for Manage Control Strip on Mac Toch Bar.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Settings (System Preferences on macOS Monterey & Older).
  2. Keyboard > Click on Keyboard.
  3. Now, Click on Customize Control Strip. > To add a new Button in control strip, Use Mouse or Trackpad and Drag it to Control strip from your Mac screen.drag-volume-control-to-control-strip-on-mac-touch-bar

That’s easy to use and Controls volume on your Mac.

Solution 4: Remove Google Music Extension

Google Music extension in Chrome can cause Mac volume buttons are not working on your Mac. It is observed that when you download the Google Music extension, it controls all media keys and your iTunes. So remove it if you have it on Mac. in more, you can try this best Music Apps on your Mac computer.

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Solution 5: Reset PRAM/NVRAM

Apple Silicon Mac [M1]: Won’t be able to reset PRAM & NVRAM. Just Restart Mac, Becuase M1 Mac doesn’t store any data. Follow the Below steps for Intel Mac computer,

How do I get the volume buttons to work on my Mac keyboard? If the above troubleshooting didn’t work for you, then this should fix Mac Volume keys not working.

  • Step #1: Shut down the Mac.
  • Step #2: Press the Power button and then Command+Option (Alt)+R+P keys together.
  • Step #3: Hold the keys until you hear the third chime from the Mac.
  • Step #4: Now after the third chime release the keys.
  • Step #5: Mac will boot as usual.

Try using volume buttons on Mac.

Solution 6: Reset Core Audio

If the above basic tricks don’t work, then remove the back-end process that supports the machine’s sound system. Then, using Terminal and Mac Activity Monitor, you can force close the audio system of the Mac.

Method 1:

  1. Press “command + space” to launch Spotlight search, type Terminal, and launch it.
  2. Enter: sudo killall coreaudiod
  3. And press return.
  4. Enter the Mac admin password to complete the process.

Method 2:

  1. Alternatively, using the Spotlight search, open the Activity Monitor.
  2. Type coreaudiod in the search panel and click on it.
  3. Lastly, click (X) to shut down the audio system.

Still, the issue is not fixed, then, Turn on Your Mac in Safe Mode, And check if the issue persists with the installed software on your Mac.

Solution 7: Contact Apple Support

Unfortunately, if the above-listed solutions don’t make Mac’s volume keys work, you need to take help from the Apple team. They will help you to fix this issue.

Suppose you feel that your Mac has some hardware issue; please you have to check Mac Warranty status online or Contact Apple Support and Get free Repair and Replacement as per Apple’s terms and conditions.

Also, you can call and Book Appointment at apple genius bar.

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