Fix Mac Volume Buttons Not Working on macOS Mojave, High Sierra

If you are the one who is facing difficulties while adjusting the volume on Mac, then don’t worry you will get ultimate way to fix Mac volume keys not working (Volume keys F10 for Mute, Volume decrease F11 and Volume up F12 key)in this article. Generally, there are many reasons behind accidently volume keys not working problem like system malfunctioning, keyboard defect, third-party application and more.

Hopefully, your Mac’s volume keys start working after trying our tricks. And in case of it didn’t then you have to bring a new keyboard or contact Apple store.

Fix Mac Volumes Buttons Won’t Work after macOS update

Fix Mac Volume Buttons Not Working

Solution 1: Check the Keyboard Settings

If Mac volume buttons become irresponsive then it might be possible by mistake, someone has changed the keyboard preferences in your Mac. So take a look before trying any other thing.

Step #1: From the Spotlight, open “Keyboard System Preferences.”

Step #2: There check whether the option like Use all F1, F2…Etc keys as function keys are enabled or not.

Step #3: If you find that this option is enabled then disable it.

Solution 2: Remove Google Music Extension

Google Music extension in chrome can cause Mac volume buttons not working in macOS Mojave. It is observed that when you download Google Music extension, then it takes control of all media keys and also your iTunes. So remove it if you have in Mac.

Solution 3: Try this,

If the above troubleshooting didn’t work for you, then this should fix Mac Volume buttons not working.

Step #1: Shut down the Mac.

Step #2: Press the Power button and then Command+Alt+R+P keys together.

Step #3: Hold the keys until you hear the third chime from the Mac.

Step #4: Now after third chime release the keys.

Step #5: Mac will boot as usual.

Try using volume buttons on Mac.

Solution 4: Contact Apple Support

Unfortunately, if the above-listed solutions don’t make Mac’s volume keys working, then you need to take help from Apple team. They will help you to fix this issue.

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