Best Live Text Alternatives for Mac 2023 (Unsupported Intel Macs)

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A live text editor is a valuable innovation aimed at making life easy. It is a tool used primarily by people to avoid the complexities of copying texts from live images, online posters, and billboards. As an editing tool, it will make everyone’s workflow more fluid and quick. Many people are using this feature these days to make life easy. macOS Built-in Live Text allows you to extract text from photos and paste it into notes, emails, and other documents on Older MacOS.

Live text is a recent feature in iOS 15, macOS Monterey, and iPadOS 15 & later. An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool, a live text editor in Apple products, turns texts from online and offline images (restaurant menus, greetings cards, postcards) converted into readable text for your phones and laptops. While it comes as an in-built feature in the new macOS, people who use older macOS versions may face difficulties since they do not have it as an in-built feature. But, this is not a significant setback since Apple has introduced a new app called ‘TextSniper OCR simplified’ for those with older operating system versions (BigSur and earlier). 

is TextSniper macOS Ventura Supported?

Yes, We can install Textsniper to any Mac running MacOS Ventura with all the functionality.

What is TextSniper, and how can we use it?

Text Sniper is a more innovative tool than most optical character recognition tools. It makes for a hassle-free engagement since it’s better than more complicated character recognition software. As an Apple user, you do not need to be fluent in technicalities or other abilities. It is easy to access and works wonderfully for both home and business Mac users. You can tap into the menu bar and select from the list of options. 

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You would not be confronted with significant issues if you had frequently used a Mac’s built-in screen capture application. You can easily select a portion of an image, photo, or PDF document, and the software will identify the embedded text on a screen. The text will be automatically saved to a clipboard for easy use later. You can then proceed to your preferred macOS text editing or notepad application. Primarily, the user doesn’t need an internet connection to begin with. 

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Apart from the reasons mentioned above, we have a list of more enticing features which shall compel any person to use the app. Here goes:

  1. Without having to process the entire document, extract text from a non-searchable PDF file. Allow Permission to Access Textsniper app, Apple Logo > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording from left side of window > Unlock the Window lock and Select “” checkbox. open-textspiner-on-mac
  2. Launch TextSpinner on Mac, and Use Keyboard Shortcuts:- “Shift + Command + 2
  3. Even if the text is uncopiable, such as in ebooks or web articles, the app can copy it.capture-text-on-mac-as-live-text-on-mac
  4. In video games, you can grab text and convert it to speech.
  5. QR codes and barcodes can be read.

The following are the features:

  1. It processes any document with high accuracy and speed.
  2. Even tiny text on low-quality or dense-background photos is recognized.
  3. TextSniper can speak the identified text to you anytime you need it.
  4. Multiple languages are supported, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional, and Simplified Chinese.
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See TextSniper App Preferences on Mac: Click on TextSniper > Preferences. and see the settings for “Launch at login”, “Show in Menu Bar”, “Text to Speech”, “Recognition Language”.textsniper-preferences-settings-on-mac

For old macOS users, you can download the app on Mac App Store.

Great app for businesses, professionals, and Students, Then can use it for personal and sensitive information.

Light Weight: 5/5, Worth: 5/5, Supported macOS: All, Accuracy: 5/5, Limitations: No, Copy Text from: All Web Browser, Photos, Videos, and App.

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Expert Help!

Just add this to Startup Program on Mac and use it using Shortcut: Shift + Command + 2. to Use it on your Mac.

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