How to See Street View on Google Maps on iPhone or iPad Easily [3D View]

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2020

Now you can use all the Google Maps features on small screen smartphones just like web platforms that you have an experienced on Desktop or Mac. 3D view or Street view exciting and love to like live view remotely from anywhere and very clearly. You are unknown or eager to know about your next visiting place while we are on a Family trip or Business meet up. That we can do in few fingers, tap on Google Maps iOS app running on iPhone or iPad.

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After the search in Google Map search box with place name or address, new users haven’t easy to activate street view for searched placed. Because of a very functional app now sensible with your finger. Let’s have a look at my new guide that makes use of Google Maps optimally.

Note: Google is covering and updating Maps with Street view, although some countries and continents have limited and no coverage. Primary countries are USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, where Street view is available. Get the latest update on Google Map Street view coverage.

How to Get Street View on Google Maps iOS for 3D Experience

  1. Open Google Maps on iPhone or iPad (Location services must be enabled from settings).
  2. Touch & Hold street road or any public place. You will see the dropped pin on your target location just like the image shown below. That means are you landed on that play where you point your finger on Map. (Under the Privacy Google can’t show a view of security zone).

FInd option for enable street view or 3D view for address on iPhone

3: Wait for seconds, you will see a rectangle square box just above the Location reviews tab.

See current location previews on iPhone or iPad

Tap on the box, to view clearly on full screen, and Slide you finger movement for more around a vision or Next Street as well.

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The bottom line:

You would like to share your location in 3D view or street view then you can participate in Google Local guide and use Google Street view app for easy management and upload 2D or 3D photos.

Till now millions of people happy with Street view on Google Maps iPhone or iPad.

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