How to use voicemail Transcription on iPhone [iOS 17.0.2] in 2023

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2022

Apple’s Voicemail is now more engaging, clear, and easy to understand without a list or play on iPhone. It does not depend on your iPhone hardware, it’s just a big gift from apple that delivers it securely in a correct way. Here I discussed and guide some very interesting questions before use voicemail Transcription on iPhone.

Get all about new features of voicemail transcription and Troubleshooting FAQs. To get this feature on your phone app you don’t need to enable or subscribe to voicemail. It’s built-in an interface that supports mostly all carriers with no extra charges and package as well.

Explained about Use Voicemail Transcription on iPhone Troubleshooting

What is Voicemail transcription?

Voicemail transcript is iOS 10’s new feature of existing Voicemail. In them, the user can read (Not only listen) each transcript individually listed in the voicemail list view screen. Apple releases this feature in iOS 10 and it’s continuously improving. Now you can use it on public iOS 10 efficacious. Whenever Voicemail won’t play on your iPhone, then you can read the available transcript.

Voicemail transcription compatible iPhones

Voicemail transcript only supported the latest iOS and iPadOS 2022. Furthermore, According to the Apple site, Transcription is still available in two languages including U.S English or Canadian English only.

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Note: We know that the iPhone 6/ 6 Plus/ iPhone 5S users are also able to download and install iOS 10. Even though, unluckily, Apple can’t offered Voicemail transcript feature on iPhone 6S earlier models.

How to view voicemail transcription and share it from iPhone

1: Open the Phone app from your iPhone home screen.

2: Next, tap Voicemail appears to the right-lower on the screen.

View and Share voicemail transcript in iOS 10

3: There, you can see a full list of voicemails received by you. Tap on a Message (Name or Number). Message Expand itself with auto-transcript. (For the verification purpose you can listen to voice messages with a tap on the play button). Voicemail transcript is a confident backup of the voicemail that you received if you cannot play next time on anyhow.

Now share transcript text, Tap and hold on text then adjust selection bars, Next, you will see an option for copy/ Share option. As an alternate sharing option “Tap on Box with upper Arrow icon”.

Choose an app and paste where you want to save.

How to report apple about Use voicemail transcript?

Report to apple about voicemail transcript from iPhone phone app

Voicemail transcription is at the primary stage and improving fast, so apple is gathering real user experience on it. In the future time, apple will improve it too much just like Siri. Are you will Apple, So let’s know about it apple by following below steps.

1: Go to the Phone app on iPhone

2: Tap on Voicemail at the bottom right tab. Next tap on anyone Voicemail message from the list.

3: Just below the text transcripts you will find the option “Was this transcription useful or not useful”.

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Next screen you will find an option for sending your voicemail audio clip to Apple for better improvement or help. If you don’t agree and want your message private then choose “cancel”.

Fix Voicemail transcription not Working on iOS

For any reason, if you are feeling disgusted on Voicemail due to crashing or voice transcript conversation not working or won’t open and grayed out. Follow the explained operations and get rid of them.

Voicemail transcript not working on iPhone, iPad

1: Restart (Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake button) or Force restart (Long press Sleep/ Wake + Home button until you show apple logo on the screen) your iPhone.

2: Update your carrier information with the latest update. To check it go to the Settings > General > About. The next carrier update popup will be appeared as usual if yes.

3: Update with latest iOS version (required iOS 10 or later) – Settings > General > Software Update.

4: Check you are in carrier coverage. Make a sample call from your iPhone

5: You didn’t make Voicemail to yourself for test purposes.

6: Reset network settings. Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

7: Contact your carrier. for instance, Share your problem on voicemail transcription not working Verizon wireless.

Sometimes, you also facing a problem like transcription texts appear along with underlining. It might due to voicemail sender audio aren’t easily recognizable. If huge portions of the voicemail transcript are underlined then you will see a low confidence label. And whenever your Apple iPhone can’t offer a confident description at that moment you won’t appear Voicemail transcriptions.

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Let’s start enjoying the power by Use a voicemail transcript on your iPhone. Also, share the story with us in comments.

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