3 Ways to Quickly Open Calculator on Mac With Keyboard Shortcuts

Last Updated on Sep 3, 2021

How Do I Find the Calculator on My Mac? Quickly Open Calculator. Open Calculator on Mac is a tedious task, Becuase there is no Default Shortcut for Mac Calculator or Calculator widget on Mac. All-time we need to find the calculator on Mac spotlight search or Launchpad.

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But here I am giving tips to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcut for Calculator on Mac. or Open Quickly from Dock this stay in dock. and Best Calculator for Mac that supports Widget.

Method 1: How do create a shortcut to launch an app on Mac using Automator?

Mac automator launch application Using Keyboard Shortcut. That’s we can apply for any Native apple app or Third-Party application. here I am setup Calculator on the Automated app for open Using Your Custome Keyboard shortcut.

  1. Open the Automator app using Spotlight Search or Applications/Automator.app in finder.open-automator-using-spotlight-search-on-macopen-automator-app-on-mac
  2. Select Quick Action from Window.open-quick-action-in-mac-automator-appjpg
  3. Select Utilities from the left side of the window > Select “Launch Application” > Drag it to the right space of the window.add-launch-application-on-mac-automator
  4. Select Application from the dropdown option. Select Calculator.select-calculator-app-and-run-automator-on-mac
  5. Save this automation On Close the automaton app, with the correct name “Calculator” .save-quick-action-on-clock-automator-app-on-mac

Now, Set a Custom Keyboard Shortcut from Keyboard Preferences on Mac.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click on Keyboard.open-keyboard-from-mac-preferences
  3. Select Shortcuts Tab > Services > Scroll to General Section and Your Shortcut for Automator Shortcut will appear here. Select Recently added Calculator shortcut > Click on “Add Shortcut” next to shortcut name > Use Keyboard Key Combination to apply or add Shortcut for this Automator. here i set Control + Command + C.add-keyboard-shortcut-for-launch-calculator-app-automation-on-mac
  4. Now, Press this Calculator shortcut to open on your Mac.

What is the shortcut key for opening Calculator?

There is no default shortcut for Calculator on Mac. Users have to make using Automator app. this will bring up the Calculator on a Mac or on any screen.

Follow the above method to add Calculator shortcut to Mac using the Automator app.

Method 2: How do I pin Calculator to taskbar/Dock on Mac?

We can set up your Mac for quick work like pin your most frequently used app on the Mac dock. In just one click, Bring up on your Screen. So, we don’t need to minimize running apps on the Mac screen or Find it from Spotlight search or Launchpad.

  1. I am guessing that the Calculator app is opened on Mac. if not then Launch on Mac.
  2. Right Click on Calculator App icon > Options > Keep in dock.set-calculator-app-icon-on-mac-dock-and-at-login
  3. That’s it.

Method 3: Where is the Calculator on MacBook Air

Mac allows users to Open the Calculator on Mac in alternate ways.

  1. Use Spotlight Search on Mac, Command + Space > Type Calculator, and Open.open-automator-using-spotlight-search-on-mac
  2. Open from Launchpad.
  3. Open from Application folder in Finder. Open Finder on Mac > From top Menu Go > Applications > FInd Calculator app.open-automator-app-on-mac

Method 4: Best Mac Calculator That Access on Top menu on Mac


Some mac users are uncomfortable with Mac’s simple calculator. Get Extra functions, And Features like add a Calculator shortcut to Mac Top Menu Bar. Also, Get it on Mac Widget.

  1. PCalc ($9.99)
  2. Wolfram Alpha.
  3. Magic Calculator ($3.99)

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